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RDI Technologies

RDI Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2013 to commercialize video-based sensing technologies created in the lab at the University of Louisville. Since the beginning,


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RDI Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2013 to commercialize video-based sensing technologies created in the lab at the University of Louisville. Since the beginning, our commitment has been to innovate using relatable video technology and easy-to-use software. In 2015 RDI Technologies invented and began the development of the first-to-market Motion Amplification® platform technology for motion and vibration detection and analysis using video. This product was released to the market in 2016 with rapid market adoption. With the release of the Iris M™, RDI created a new category of motion and vibration detection and revolutionized the way the Predictive Maintenance industry saw motion. We are poised to do the same in the Test and Measurements market over the next few years.

Since the release of the Iris M, RDI has continued its commitment to innovation. The release of the Iris MX™ expanded the use of Motion Amplification® to high-speed applications, and the release of the Iris CM™ enabled the user to continuously monitor their products, processes, and machinery. We believe our customers are instrumental in our innovation, and we work directly with them to create products, solutions, and software updates that solve their toughest problems and complement or replace the current tools in their toolbox.

As a member of the Inc. 5000 list for the past three consecutive years, RDI is one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Visit our Careers page for current opportunities to join our talented customer-focused team!

Products & Services

This service requires you to upload the data recordings to a remote server where our service engineer accesses them for analysis. If necessary, our service engineer works with you to determine if more or different data and information must be acquired. Once the data has been analyzed, videos and a detailed summary report are created. Our service engineer schedules a 1-hour video call with you to do an in-depth review. This helps you identify the nature, cause, extent, and severity of reported asset issues. It provides a better understanding of the proper acquisition techniques, settings, and data analysis utilizing the Motion Amplification® software features. The videos collected help you communicate the faults and problem areas to your team, and the data is archived for future reference and comparison.


  • Videos (.mp4) of the Motion Amplification® data collected on each asset.
  • Data plots from the Motion Amplification® system.
  • Observations and recommendations based on the data collected.
  • PDF summary report of all data collected.
  • A one-hour video call with you to review the videos and report.
  • Warehousing and archiving data for future reference.

Our service engineer conducts a comprehensive facility review and recommends a Motion Amplification® deployment plan based on your industry, facility, and staff resource availability. Our service engineer walks the plant with you and your team, assists in inventorying assets, conducts interviews with maintenance and operator personnel, and reviews asset criticality in the context of Motion Amplification®. After a thorough review process, our service engineer creates a plan based on best practices used in world-class facilities in similar industries to maximize your utilization of Motion Amplification®. The plan includes optimal system configuration to acquire accurate data, frequency of monitoring, and asset coverage tactics based on maximizing your personnel.


A written plan for implementing the Motion Amplification® technology that includes the systems, software, training, and support required to successfully deploy a program. The plan also provides a comprehensive review of the assets to be included in the program and the recommended frequency of monitoring those assets to optimize facility performance.

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