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R-CON NDT provides a full line of NDT equipment & supplies in the areas of Radiography, Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Remote Visual Inspection and Eddy Current.


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R-CON NDT provides a full line of NDT equipment & supplies in the areas of Radiography, Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Remote Visual Inspection and Eddy Current. From ultrasonic couplant to Real-Time radiographic inspection systems, R-CON NDT can solve your inspection needs.

R-CON NDT is an authorized representative and distributor for industry leaders including Baker Hughes, Sonatest, Magnaflux, Parker Research, Met-L-Chek, Gould-Bass, and many more. R-CON NDT’s expertise combined with excellent equipment manufacturer’s allows us to solve your inspection needs quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

R-CON NDT consultants are knowledgeable in new and existing materials, and specialize in Advanced Composite Inspection. R-CON NDT is made up of individuals from the aerospace industry and they can apply that knowledge to your specific needs.

Products & Services
NDT Consulting Services

NDT Level III Representation

R-CON NDT provides Level III services as an outside agency to develop certification programs, train and examine NDT personnel, and prepare and approve inspection procedures. Our Level III personnel are certified in accordance with CP-189 and NAS 410.

Inspection Technique Development and Implementation

Our experienced Level III consultants will assist you in determining what inspection method works best for your application and requirements. The combination of our experience, knowledge and relationship with several equipment manufacturers allows us to solve problems without costly and time consuming research and development. Depending on your inspection needs, we can assist your company in technique development, equipment selection, implementation, and procedure preparation.

Technical Writing

R-CON NDT’s Level III consultants develop and write, procedures, and techniques. We not only ensure compliance to your requirements, but tailor them to meet your specific needs and policies.

Compliance Audits

Our Level III expertise in surveillance can aid your company in audit preparation by conducting pre-audit reviews to define possible problem areas. These resources can also be utilized when implementing a new NDT program. Our consultants establish customer compliant programs, as well as conduct audits to verify compliance.

Inspection of Composite Materials

R-CON NDT is the industry leader in providing NDT consulting services for the inspection of Advanced Composite Materials. We work closely with several companies and institutions to remain knowledgeable in both new and existing materials and processes. Using our experience gained from the aerospace industry, R-CON NDT can assist you in all aspects of the inspection of composite materials.

Basic Training

R-CON NDT provides regularly scheduled Level I and Level II training classes in the five basic NDT methods. Each class is taught by a certified Level III in the applicable method. Classes are structured according to the guidelines of SNT-TC-1A and CP-189. Each course can be tailored to your inspection facilities needs and requirements. Every course consists of modules that include both classroom lectures and hands on training. Course materials include visual aids, student hand-outs, test standards, and a certificate upon completion.

R-CON NDT provides Training Classes at various locations throughout the United States. Classes can also be conducted at your facility.

In addition to offering standard NDT training courses, R-CON NDT also offers courses for specific applications and industries.


Product Description

Weld Standards & DICONDE Compliant

Compliant to ISO 17636-2 Class A and B, ASME, ASTM and EN weld inspection standards. The new scanner enjoys all the functionality offered by GE´s Rhythm Software giving the inspector the ability to view, enhance, measure, annotate and comment on the images. The CRxVision system is completely DICONDE compliant and compatible with all existing modules in GE´s Rhythm Software platform.

High Resolution

The CRxVision has an extremely wide latitude eliminating the need for multiple gain settings when exposing over a wide range of thicknesses. This is the result of a 16 bit image processing at selectable 35 or 70 microns resolution.

High Throughput

Designed for extremely high throughput: 90 plates/hr at 70 microns or 28 plates/hr at 35 microns for a 10 x 40 cm (4.5 x 17”) plate. The scanner allows multiple imaging plates to be scanned simultaneously …side-by-side and back-to-back as well as various lengths to be scanned together. This is a result of the straight and flat, in-line scan and erase transport path.


Ability to scan any shape or size of imaging plate from 20 to 1500 mm (0.75 to 60”) in length. Imaging plates can be exposed in any type of cassette, then simply removed and inserted directly into the scanner without the need of any type of adapter, template or leader.

Extended Plate Life

A new innovative imaging plate design now provides the GE CRxVision imaging plates with more flexibility. This new design allows each imaging plate the ability to return to a flat state after being constantly bent around pipes for the inspection of welds. This feature also helps improve productivity by allowing the imaging plates to be easily extracted and reinserted into cassettes.

Plate transport through the scanners is achieved by a magnetic transportation system. The new combination of scanner and imaging plate design allows the imaging plate to be transported through the scanner without any mechanical handling of the phosphor ultimately extending the overall life of the plate.


The updated Rhythm RT software simplifies inspection workflow. It now has the ability to automatically crop the images by detecting the physical edges of each individual plate when they are processed. Consequently, each individual plate can be separately identified and saved or grouped together and saved as one file.

Ambient Operation

The CRxVision can be used in ambient light conditions with suitable handling as the light cover protects the plates from light exposure during the scan cycle. The cover can be removed for work in darkrooms if required.

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