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QingCheng Ltd

QingCheng Ltd is a leading supplier of Acoustic Emission equipment, system and sensors in China.



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QingCheng Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 non-destructive testing systems and condition monitoring solutions manufacturer and global supplier. We are the leading global company in IIoT acoustic emission online monitoring systems of our design, as well as other NDT systems. Our mission is to provide unattended high-quality quality and reliable online condition monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance of valuable industrial assets in the world. 

Products & Services
Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Detection and Monitoring Solutions

RAEM series intelligent unattended monitoring system is the latest product developed by Qingcheng AE Institute. It perfectly combines acoustic emission technology and IoT technology, which can effectively realize the condition monitoring of equipment. The RAEM series products can be used to continuously monitor the status of the equipment, and the equipment status data can be uploaded to the cloud database through IoT communication, which can be displayed on the cloud platform of user terminal devices or remotely configured and operate the RAEM monitor through the terminal devices. When the equipment runs abnormally, the algorithm inside the RAEM will trigger the alarm signal, display the alarm information on the terminal device, and notify the customer by SMS or email. Mainly used in bridge wire monitoring, valve and pipeline leakage, machine tool wear, steel structure cracks, rotary equipment wear, and laboratory material research fields.

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