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Qii.AI is a dedicated team passionate about creating artificial intelligence, visual analytics, and digital twin technology.



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In 2014, they founded a drone inspection company called Industrial SkyWorks. Shortly after, they saw a huge problem: They collected tons of data during their inspections but didn’t have a solution that made it easy to manage this information and share it with clients.

So, they created technology to solve these challenges and provide their clients with deeper insights into their assets. In 2020, they rebranded as Qii.AI and launched an enterprise platform that combines drone inspection software with a cutting-edge computer vision labelling tool and machine learning.

Products & Services
Remote Inspection

Digital Twins

Qii.AI converts your unstructured 2D data into a highly accurate 3D digital twin, a photo-realistic model of the asset that the user can navigate during digital inspections.

Auto-generated Reports

Qii allows users to review, mark up, and detail features and problems during an inspection. All comments are auto-recorded and can be included in an inspection report automatically. All reports are customizable and auto-generated.


Qii.AI allows users to create multiple access points for collaboration. Users can share links to PDF reports and digital twins, allowing collaborators permission-based access and editing privileges. All-access can be time-limited, secured through IP tracking, and restricted according to your needs.

Auto Detection

Corrosion Detection

Qii.AI specializes in corrosion detection. Our algorithms have been trained to automatically detect corrosion in multiple materials.

Concrete Defects

Qii.AI specializes in locating concrete defects. Our algorithms have been trained to automatically detect concrete defects including cracking, spalling, and delamination.

Data Fusion

Combine Visual, Thermal, LIDAR and SONAR, data into one complete view.


Many assets require above & below-the-waterline inspections.


Qii allows users to combine Visual, Thermal, LIDAR and SONAR data.

Data Inputs:

  • Visual – drones – handheld cameras
  • Thermal – FLIR – DJI
  • SONAR – Kongsberg Single Beam Sonar
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