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Q1 Aviation

Q1 Aviation was formed by a team of highly experienced AMEs with backgrounds in heavy maintenance and specialized support services.



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In 2011, Q1 Aviation was formed by a team of highly experienced AMEs with backgrounds in heavy maintenance and specialized support services. We utilize our experience to provide unique maintenance solutions to our customers with a focus on quality, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. 

Since then, we have grown into a full-service MRO company specializing in structural repair, NDT, wheel and component overhaul repair services for some of the largest regional, commercial, and corporate operators in Canada. 

Products & Services
Structural Repair & Inspection

Structural Repair & Inspection

Q1 Aviation is capable of providing both sheet metal and composite damage repairs in-house and on-site locations. 

Sheet metal capabilities include parts fabrication, flapper peening, corrosion repairs and treatment, repair, design, and certification to Transport Canada standards.

Our technicians are also capable of completing composite damage repairs on fairings, panels, tip assemblies, lower nacelles, leading edges, radomes, and many more parts.

Composite damage repair capabilities include carbon fibre repair, aramid (kevlar) fibre repair, fibreglass repair, and paint services.

NDT Services

Q1 Aviation offers a state-of-the-art NDT capabilities, utilizing the latest generation equipment. All inspections are carried out by our level III and level II technicians.

NDT inspections include LPI, MPI, Eddy Current Testing, Ultrasonic Testing (includes thickness measurement, bond testing, and crack detection), and Composite Inspection.

Our NDT technicians can support the following aircraft: Airbus (300, 310, 320, 330, 340), Boeing (727, 737, 747, 767, 777), ATR (42 & 72), Embraer (135 & 175), Cessna and Beechcraft Series.

Q1 Aviation’s NDT capabilities also support helicopters such as Airbus, Bell, AgustaWestland, Leonard, and more. At Q1, we are not limited to any aircraft types or components.


Maintenance & Avionics Support

Q1 Aviation specializes in maintenance operations and have the technicians available on-site in the following fields: Structures, Avionics, Line Maintenance & NDT.

We provide aircraft maintenance support on the following aircraft types: Bombardier Q400, Dash 8 Classic, CRJs, Learjets, and Hawkers.

Avionics capabilities include avionics system support, installations, modifications & upgrades.

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