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Pro-NDT was founded in Broussard, Louisiana in 2000 and we have been growing and thriving ever since.

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Pro-NDT was founded in Broussard, Louisiana in 2000 and we have been growing and thriving ever since. While Pro-NDT primarily serves oilfield-related companies and specializes in MT, PT, and UT Inspection, we can serve any industry in need of nondestructive testing of metal parts, tools, or components. Simply put, if it’s metal we can do it – and we always do it right.

Products & Services
Electro-Magnetic Inspection

Electro-Magnetic Inspection (EMI) has been proven to be a very effective method for detecting defects that can shorten the life of your drill pipe, including fatigue cracks, corrosion, pits, cuts, washouts, wall loss, and more. By investing in an inspection and maintenance program, you can avoid failure of your drill string, which can result in costly downtime or even the loss of an entire well.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing involves the transmission of high-frequency sound waves into the test object to detect imperfections or changes in the properties of the material. Ultrasonics can be used to detect surface imperfections, internal imperfections or to determine the exact thickness of the material being tested.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

The objective of liquid penetrant testing is to provide visual evidence of surface discontinuities in solid non-porous materials. Liquid Penetrant Testing involves coating the test object with a dye Penetrant. After allowing the dye penetrant to dwell for a pre-determined time, the excess dye is removed and a developer is applied. The developer aids in the visibility of the dye penetrant, thus revealing the discontinuity.

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