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Pipeline Integrity Professionals Inc.

PI PRO aims to partner with those in the Pipeline Integrity Industry to provide an enhanced level of assurance in the consistency and quality of information through Pipeline Integrity Training, Competency, Qualification and Compliance.

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PI PRO is a group of Pipeline Integrity Professionals with a passion and long-standing dedication to the Pipeline Industry.  Our group consists of Pipeline Integrity NDE Technicians, Technologists, Inspectors and Engineers with a deep understanding of the Pipeline Integrity environment. Our vast technical knowledge spanning multiple industry sectors and decades of combined experience provide our clients with the Pipeline Integrity Assurance desired.  Through our working knowledge of the intricacies of the Pipeline Integrity Industry, we can offer tailored service solutions and access to discipline-specific specialists all to produce the best results to ensure one common goal: Pipeline Safety.

Products & Services

Are you ready to gain the skills required to work in the specialized field of Pipeline Integrity?  Or are you ready to take your current knowledge and skill set to the next level?

Get recognized...get Certified!  On successful completion of our Pipeline Integrity Courses and Competency Evaluation, you will receive your Pipeline Integrity Professional Certification.


NDE Technician Competency

Know the information you receive is collected and reported by Competent Personnel.

Welding Inspector Competency

Ensure accuracy from your Certified Welding Inspector through Competency Evaluations.

Coating Inspector Competency

Coating Application data must be accurate and complete, by a Competent Coating Inspector.

Field Inspector Competency

Field inspectors must be Competent as they are your decision maker in the field.

Level 3 Services

PI PRO Level 3 Services are available to assist you in the development of your Procedures, Standards and Specifications.  Whether Non-Destructive Examination (NDE), Weld Inspection or Coating Inspection is top of mind, you will have a resource available at PI PRO.  

Level 3 (NDE)

NDE Procedure Review

Technical Review

Level 3 (CWB)

Report Review

Procedure Review

Company Certification

Level 3 (NACE)

Procedure Review

Report Review

Specification Review

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Technical Experts are available upon request to support your Project

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