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Petro Sadr Corporation

Petro Sadr Corporation is a well-known company for providing diversified engineering services at competitive prices



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Petro Sadr Corporation is a well-known company for providing diversified engineering services at competitive prices. We have achieved this targeted by setting up an effective system that has enabled us to offer fees that have beaten or nearly competed engineering services sought from China, India or Latino America.

We have gathered several of the most talented engineers, project managers, and business developers, and have implemented the cutting-edge business models that have inspired our staff and partners, to improve productivity. We are one of the most recognized names in plant design, with centuries worth of cumulative experience in multi-discipline engineering, project management, procurement services, and inspection of equipment, systems, and processes.

As an engineering and procurement company, we are specialized in serving the industry with a focus on projects in mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, municipal, buildings, power plants, and renewable energy all across Canada.

Since our inception in 2009, Petro Sadr Corporation has been providing engineering services, quality products, and customer service to industries all over North America. We are committed to excellent engineering service, good quality products, and competitive pricing. While working in the mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, municipal, buildings, power plants, and renewable energy industries for many years, Petro Sadr's founder observed companies forced to compromise in materials acquisition. Our diverse team of engineers have a broad background in mechanical, process, piping, structural, electrical, material, instrumentation, and safety / fire protection engineering.

Some Of Our Customers Are

Fortis Mining Engineering And Manufacturing | Northern Strands | Sky High Ladders And Guardrails Inc. | EARLS Industries Ltd | Sacre Davey | Apex Universal Metal Works | Viterra | Master Fire | All Voltage Electric Ans Controls | RD Engineering Services | Centura Building Systems | Coquitlam Steel Products | North America Construction | Bond Structure Metal Works | Kanex Industrial Services | Penometal Design And Fabrication Ltd. | Ice Blue Steel | TRM Projects

Products & Services
Piping and Plant Layout

Having highly experienced piping engineers worked in mega projects we are able to contribute in designing layout of plant in liaison with operations personnel. We are able to deliver plant layouts that save lots of money by avoiding very likely mistakes and missing that happens very often. We have been doing this in projects ranging from a few million dollars to a few Hundred Million dollars.

We have expertise in conceptual design, feasibility study, and detailed design. Our piping services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Preparation of Design Criteria
  • Leading preparation of Equipment General Arrangement
  • Estimation of time and material
  • Routing pipelines
  • Preparation of Piping Material Specification (PMS)
  • Inputting detailed data into 3D models
  • Annotation and Extraction of Isometric drawings
  • Annotation and Extraction of Piping Plan and Sections
  • Extraction of Material List
  • Preparation of Piping General Layout (2D)
  • Preparation of Piping Isometric drawings
  • Flexibility and Stress Analysis
  • Support design
NDT/NDE Inspection

Visual Inspection Services

We have local certified CWB level 2 and ASME welding inspectors. All the inspections will include a comprehensive inspection report. Here are some of our capabilities:

  • Welding procedure and data sheet development and qualification
  • Welding consultation services
  • Inspection of Structural steel
  • Inspection of pipeline
  • Tank inspection
  • Inspection of lifting equipment
  • Third party inspection and testing
  • Quality assurance and quality control monitoring
  • API visual inspection to API 653, 570 and 510

Liquid Penetration Inspection

Our liquid penetration inspection with visible and fluorescent liquid provides fast, cost-effective, reliable evaluation of surface imperfections/defects. Some advantages of liquid penetration inspection are:

  • It is effective on small objects, large areas and unique/ complex geometric shapes
  • It is relatively simple to use
  • It is effective on a wide range of materials such as ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Our magnetic particle inspection with electromagnetic yoke provides fast, cost-effective, reliable evaluation of surface and near surface imperfections/defects. Some advantages of magnetic particle inspection are:

  • Surface and near subsurface indications can be detected
  • Large and irregular shapes can be tested easily
  • Detects are immediately visible
  • It can be done with portable equipment
  • It can be used in the shop or at site

Surface preparation is not critical

It is faster, cheaper and easier with less training requirement compare to other NDE methods

Ultrasonic Inspection

Our ultrasonic inspection provides quick, accurate and instant evaluation of subsurface flaws. Some advantages of ultrasonic inspection are:

  • It is good for inspection of surface and subsurface levels
  • One side access required to perform inspection
  • It can be used to measure thickness
  • Superior depth of penetration to detect subsurface flaws
  • Safer and environmentally safe compare to radiography inspection

Our technicians and inspectors are trained and certified in conjunction with the appropriate technical associations for each industry we serve. These associations include ASNT, CGSB, API, ASME, NACE, NADCAP, CWB, AWS and others. Our quality assurance group continuously update our procedures consistent with industry best practices.

Petro Sadr provides the full spectrum of NDT/NDE methods, from the traditional to the most advanced, in accordance with industry, government, military, code authority and client requirements. 

These methods provide the basis for most inspections of industrial infrastructure, safety critical parts, and fabricated components.  

Some of our capabilities at Petro Sadr:

  1.  Weld visual inspection by CWB level 2 certified inspectors under supervision of level 3
  2. Liquid Penetration Inspection by ASNT or CGSB level 2 certified inspectors
  3. Magnetic Particle Inspection by ASNT or CGSB level 2 certified inspectors
  4. Ultrasonic Inspection
  5. Mechanical Testing and Structural Inspection
  6. Coating Inspection by level 2 NACE certified inspector
  7.  Welding Procedure Development
  8. Welding Repair Procedure Development
  9. Material Evaluation and Consultation
  10. Third Party Fabrication Inspection
  11. Industrial weld inspections according to ASME   

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