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Penspen has been providing engineering, project management, asset management and integrity services to the energy industry worldwide for over 65+ years.


United Kingdom

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Penspen has been providing engineering, project management, asset management and integrity services to the energy industry worldwide for over 65+ years.  Originally founded in the UK in 1954 as Spencer & Partners, the company has now grown to include over 800 members of staff, with major offices in London, Mexico, Houston, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok.

During its history, Penspen has undertaken over 10,000 projects, addressing a wide range of challenges from the economic evaluation of pipelines to complex integrated facilities design.  Our heritage is onshore pipeline engineering and we have been involved in major pipeline projects around the world.  Our range of services has expanded to meet our clients’ needs and we now provide the full scope of engineering services for the lifecycle of an asset.

We have also developed an extensive range of training services covering engineering design, integrity, and operations and maintenance, for energy assets.

Penspen works with a wide range of clients including many well-known international and national oil companies, utilities and infrastructure owners.  We differentiate ourselves on the technical and operational quality of service which we deliver to our clients and partners.  Also, we have no ownership ties to operators, contractors or suppliers, and therefore provide a truly independent, best practice service.

Penspen is a proud member of the Dar Group.  The Dar Group is an international network of professional service firms, with over 18,000 staff in 59 countries.  It is dedicated to the engineering design and project management of major infrastructure projects. Penspen is able to draw upon the resources, expertise and experience of the entire Group.

Products & Services
Asset Integrity

We have been in the integrity business for 65+ years. Since then we have tackled a vast array of integrity problems and worked for and trained thousands of clients worldwide.

Asset integrity management is a formal process for protecting people, the environment and the operator from the consequences of asset failure. It also ensures compliance and optimises useful asset life. The central aspects of any Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) are key performance indicators, risk assessment, organisation and competency. Software can be very useful and provide a level of comfort, but no single software product will ever provide everything an operator needs.

From pipelines and facilities to wells and structures, our services cover a broad range of asset integrity management requirements. The benefits of employing our services are a demonstrable minimisation of risk to people, the environment and the business, as well as optimisation of inspection, maintenance and asset life.

For more information on the latest thinking in asset integrity, please explore our services using links on this page, and take a look at our virtual library of papers and resources.

Asset Management

Penspen is a leading provider of comprehensive asset management operations, maintenance and facilities management services to the oil, gas, power and utility industries. Our track record is founded on breadth of expertise through offshore and onshore production, operations, transportation, storage and metering capabilities.

We provide a comprehensive range of energy infrastructure services helping clients reduce their overheads, optimise asset effectiveness and minimise operational and regulatory risks. Our solutions allow clients to focus on their core business, dramatically reducing costs and improving their competitive position. Our asset management services provide strategic confidence for organisations which produce, transport, process, store and use energy. By managing the risks associated with essential infrastructure, the company helps owners and operators ensure reliability, optimum performance and regulatory compliance.

Our Asset Management capabilities cover the full range of offshore and onshore production facilities, shore terminals and processing plant, shale field gathering stations, liquid and gas transmission pipelines and off-takes, ethylene and petroleum product pipelines, hydrocarbon treatment plants, Compressor stations, metering and pressure/volume control, above and below ground storage, mechanical and electrical instrumentation and telemetry and energy distribution networks. Support can be provided within a single contract or in a tailored package to meet specific requirements.

Project Management

We provide the full range of project, construction and commissioning management services for oil and gas projects. Working either in our own or in client offices, we provide customised project management teams that are specifically tailored to suit client practices, procedures and standards. In particular we believe our long experience can enable us to add the maximum value to our clients projects by ensuring they set off on the right track at the earliest stages leading to the best possible eventual outcomes.

Capabilities include:

  • Advice and supervision of all project phases from the earliest stages to start-up;
  • Direct assistance to client in project definition and prefeasibility stages;
  • Pre FEED engineering and FEED tender production and bid evaluation;
  • FEED supervision and review;
  • Design and EPC tender evaluation, contract preparation and assistance during negotiation with contractors;
  • Provision of project management teams including project controls and engineering;
  • Provision of satellite teams to supervise design in contractor offices;
  • Value management;
  • Planning, schedule and logistics management;
  • Risk management;
  • Construction supervision and management;
  • QA/QC, Inspection and safety management;
  • Commissioning, training and handover.
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