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Peak NDT Ltd

Peak NDT is a high end technology company specialising in the development, production and support of multichannel


United Kingdom

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Peak NDT is a high end technology company specialising in the development, production and support of multichannel and phased array ultrasound controllers for use in the Non-Destructive Testing industries.

With its particular expertise in ultrasonics, Peak also provides consultancy services, including feasibility studies, technique development and ultrasonic inspection modelling.

Director owned and developing high end ultrasonic instrumentation since 1996, Peak NDT is located in Derby, UK.

Having our original roots within Rolls-Royce MatEval, Peak is well placed to continue the world-renowned MicroPulse line of products and can boast an accumulated 100 years of MicroPulse and ultrasonic NDT experience.

Peak is technology driven and customer focused. As engineers we are excited by our technology and what it can do and we want to provide what our customers actually need, not just ‘shift boxes’.

We are a team of qualified engineers and scientists, with in-house skills from electronics design (both analogue and digital), embedded software, test and calibration through to ultrasonic inspection applications.

Our electronics development is driven by needs of the end-user and if it doesn’t do quite what the user wants it to do then we are flexible enough to implement what is needed where at all possible, generally at no cost.

The Phased Array MicroPulse was conceived in 2003 when Peak applied for and was awarded Smart funding for development.

Through our support of R&D institutes and Universities, we recognise that today’s researchers and students are tomorrow’s engineers and should work with the best equipment. A substantial discount for equipment for research is available in order to facilitate this.

In 2022, Peak NDT won the Queen’s Award in both International Trade and Innovation, which is an amazing achievement for everyone at Peak.

Peak NDT are also associate members of BINDT (British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) and the RCNDE (Research Centre for Non-Destructive Evaluation). Peak also holds Quality certification for ISO9001:2015 & Environmental certification for ISO14001:2015.

Products & Services
MicroPulse MPLT

Built on the latest MicroPulse technology, the MPLT takes the LT concept to a new level. The MPLT is a compact and completely enclosed unit (no fans). Using Power over Ethernet technology, Gigabit Ethernet for seriously fast data transfer, including extended dynamic range modes and with up to 48 conventional channels in its standard enclosure, it is ideally suited for your multi-probe pulse-echo and TOFD inspections requirements.


The MPLT is a compact (120mm x 280mm x 310mm), rugged, lightweight (<5 Kg), and enclosed unit (no fans). It includes parallel firing capability, the user adjustable 200V pulsers of the MP5-PA, and provides high resolution with up to 100MHz true sampling. Like our other next generation products, it not only connects to the PC running the test application via Ethernet but it also takes its power either from the Ethernet or from a separate 48V power source. MPLT has very low noise and with Gigabit Ethernet, data transfer rates of up to 120 Megabytes per second are achievable. Available as a 12-, a 24-, a 36- or a 48-channel version. MPLT is ideally suited for use in multi-probe pulse-echo and TOFD inspections. Its Compact size and PoE means the MPLT may be positioned close to the inspection head, keeping probe lengths to a minimum.


  • Small / rugged / lightweight / Low power
  • No external fans – unique air-cradle maintains internal temperature
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Inputs for 2 axes of encoders (single-ended or differential) for true pulse on position
  • Outputs digitised waveform and / or peak-detected data with up to 4 hardware gates
  • Parallel Firing capability
  • Extended dynamic range modes
  • High data output – up to 120 Mbytes per second
  • Easily scaleable – up to 4 units connected using Peak NDT’s unique MPLink technology

Software Platforms

Compatible with existing inspection platforms such as EDF Energy’s MIPS/GUIDE and Winspect/InspectionWare from UTEX, the open data format and long-established MicroPulse command language mean that users also have the option to write their own applications, from Visual Studio to LabView, MatLab and Python.

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