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Paint Inspector

We supply qualified inspectors. Anytime, anywhere. Via our global network of more than 5000 certified paint inspectors and coating advisors, we provide a reliable service for all kinds of projects.

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Paint-Inspector.Com (PIC) is an ISO 9001 certified paint inspection, consultancy and education agency. Via a global network of more than 5000 certified paint inspectors and coating advisors PIC provides a reliable paint inspection service for all kinds of projects, as well as provide online education and onsite training.

Over the years PIC has built an extensive global network of paint inspectors recognized by FROSIO, NACE, ICorr, BGAS and others. Our team can get them on site on short notice, reduce the costs and save the most precious resource - time.

PIC has years of experience in education – our instructors have trained more than 3000 technical and sales personnel and more than 600 FROSIO students. Using useful tools such as in-house made animations we provide the best training for you or your employees.



Qualified inspectors are available for both short and long term projects. If needed, local specialists could be mobilized swiftly. Arranging of the travel documents, flight tickets, accommodation and on-site transportation can be outsourced to us.


Using our knowledge, we provide high quality education to increase project quality and advancement in individual careers. Check out our Corrosion, Surface preparation, and Coating application online course. Contact us for tailor-made course proposal.


Need to thoroughly analyze your supplier's paint process? Our know-how can help your contractor to improve procedures and help them meet your requirements and standards.


Our knowledge of the industry allows us to assist and answer questions of our clients in relation to surface pretreatment and coating application.


If you need quick help with your calculations look at our free online calculator for ship dimensions, dead volume, paint consumption and spreading rate calculators and much more.


Tailor-made paint specifications and procedures, based on international standards such as ISO, ASTM or PSPC could be designated.

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