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Specialists of the American company OKOndt Group LLC have access to the cutting-edge technologies and educational materials in the field as they are part of the OKOndt GROUP™ group of companies


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Specialists of the American company OKOndt Group LLC have access to the cutting-edge technologies and educational materials in the field as they are part of the OKOndt GROUP™ group of companies – a globally well-known manufacturer with 25-year experience in the NDT.

Since 1993, OKOndt GROUP™ has been offering development and building of the portable devices and automated nondestructive testing systems. Today, we produce a range of around 4000 kinds of transducers and over 40 devices, including but not limited to:

  • Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges and Flaw Detectors: Sonocon B, Sonocon BL, UDS2-77, UDS2-73, USR-01, ExScan 1000;
  • Electromagnetic Acoustic Flaw Detectors (EMACON);
  • Portable and Multichannel Eddy Current Flaw Detectors (Eddycon C, Eddycon CL, Eddycon D);
  • Ultrasonic (UT), MPI, and Eddy Current (ET) Automated Systems for aircraft wheels inspection (SmartScan, SmartScan-FA), railway axles (UMPKOS-38, AXLE-4) or railway wheels (UG-2) testing.
Products & Services
TOFD Man ultrasonic weld testing equipment

The system is designed for testing long welded joints of pipes, tanks, vessels, cisterns, ship hulls, bridges, etc. using TOFD technique. Circumferential welds with a diameter from 12 in (300 mm) can be inspected on cylindrical objects. On cylindrical, spherical, as well as complex shaped objects with a radius of surface curvature from 16 ft (5 m) to flatness, the system is capable of testing long welds in any direction. Objects with wall thickness from .25 to 12 in (from 6 to 300 mm) can be examined with the help of appropriate probes. Depending on the inspection task, the TOFD MAN TM system can be complemented with another scanner. The number of probe pairs can vary from 1 to 4. For good coupling, it is advisable to use an external couplant supply system. In this case, a water hose is attached to the scanner. But if absolute mobility is needed, coupling media can be applied to the object before testing, or a test piece can be continuously showered with water

All the equipment is placed in the operator's utility vest, which does not impede the movement, also when performing an inspection at height (climbing, rope access). The standard system kit comes with an 8 to 10-hour battery to be placed in the vest. The scanner is lightweight and easy to operate. It ensures a handy probe setup.

During setup and testing, all setup data are transferred to a remote PC (laptop or tablet) via Wi-Fi. A system for protecting the integrity of test data is provided, while they are fully stored inside the TOFD module and transferred to PC at the end of testing. If required, it is possible to use a wire connection to transmit data to PC.

Electronic unit of the TOFD Man ultrasonic weld testing equipment

TOFD Man ultrasonic weld testing equipment on the operator

Key Features:

  • Quick, accurate and highly reproducible weld inspection.
  • Wireless operation. An NDT inspector with a data acquisition PC can work anywhere within Wi-Fi range.
  • The ultrasonic weld tester can operate with any type of Windows based computer: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, etc. Its interface is both mouse- and finger-friendly.
  • Select, do not setup! - Really quick and comprehensive setup due to the element libraries: Geometry library, Material library, Scanner library, Probe library, etc.
  • Automated water supply individually under each probe.
  • Electronics protected against a mechanical shock by scanner design.

Main advantages of TOFD are:

  • Defect detection regardless of their orientation, in contrast to the pulse echo technique
  • In contrast to the radiography method, planar defects and cracks, which are not perpendicular to the measured surface can be detected
  • High degree of repeatability
  • Precise defect sizing capability
  • Fast scanning only along the weld. Full volume inspection in a single run.
  • Immediate results and permanent digital records with graphic images
  • Amplitude insensitive – acoustic coupling less critical
  • Set-up independent of weld configuration

The TOFD Man is a compact and reliable test system, which guarantees stable scanning results. Magnetic wheels and spring-loaded probe carriers with a self-positioning system ensure transducer stability on the object surface which results in good coupling necessary for reliability of test results. The scanner is easy to drive and does not fall from the object even when upside down. The System is composed of the elements that are placed in the utility vest: - TOFD Ethernet module, - Wi-Fi module, - rechargeable battery pack. The cases of the TOFD module and the battery pack are shockproof. All the equipment has a protection rating of IP65. The scanner design ensures that if the scanner falls down, the main impact will come to the scanner structure elements saving the electronics. The storage battery provides 8-10 hours of TOFD Man system operation.

OKOSCAN 73HS High-Speed Rail Testing System

The OKOSCAN 73HS System is intended for automated high-speed testing of rail in service.

This ultrasonic rail inspection equipment allows detecting all types of fatal defects: transverse and longitudinal horizontal cracks, cracks from bolt holes, etc.

The OKOSCAN 73HS kit includes:

  • a flaw detection trolley
  • 4 wheel probes
  • OKO-24 ultrasonic modules (24 pcs minimum)
  • an encoder
  • a PC with special-purpose software.

The system ensures testing at a speed of up to 40 km/h (25 miles).

Trolley (Carriage)

The testing trolley assures the positioning and movement of the wheel probes. Electric drives mounted onto the trolley serve for an automatic adjusting of the trolley
to the gauge type (track width). It is an auxiliary mechanism which helps to center the wheel probes along the rail axis.

Key features of the flaw detection trolley:

  • capability to test curves with a radius of less than 200 m (at a lower testing speed – of no less than 120 m)
  • prompt automatic width adjustment to the gauge type 
  • ease of maintenance
  • capability to control the suspension system (cant).
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