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Novatest Srl

Production and sale of non-destructive devices and control systems; monitoring and diagnosis for reinforced concrete and masonry structures.

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Production and sale of non-destructive devices and control systems; monitoring and diagnosis for reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Load tests on slab, pile foundation, plate and bridges. Devices for geoseismic, geoelectric and georadar acquisitions. It is also a training centre authorized by RINA, focused on structural diagnosis and Non-destructive testing according to UNI EN 473 regulations.

Products & Services
GPR SUBvysor 1500

High-frequency ground penetrating radar antenna for the inspection of concrete or masonry structures and the search for anomalies and elements within the artefacts, localization of cracks, voids, and reinforcement.

With GPR SUBvysor 1500 you can quickly detect the position and depth of metallic and non-metallic objects:

  • Metallic services, including electrical pipes and cables;
  • Non-metallic pipes, including PVC and asbestos-cement pipes;
  • Armor locations;
  • Humidity zones;
  • Objects underground.


  • Inspection of concrete and brick structures;
  • Locating cables and pipes;
  • Structural analyses (walls, foundations, nodes, etc.);
  • Search for reinforcing bars;
  • Search for hidden objects;
  • Measurement of the thicknesses of the structural elements.


  • Real-time signal pre-processing (real-time filter);
  • Wide range of post-processing tools;
  • Increased dynamic range thanks to digital track stacking;
  • Innovative “Telbin” technology to obtain a high signal-to-noise ratio;
  • Connection to laptop via USB;
  • No additional control unit. Any Windows-based laptop can be used for work;
  • It does not require a battery, the antenna is powered by the computer's USB port;
  • Low energy consumption.

Portable digital radiography system with high-resolution “Genius” system

NOVO-DR is an innovative system, the lightest and most performing of its kind. Designed to be used both for structural investigations on materials such as concrete and wood and in the context of industrial non-destructive testing, it ensures an excellent result for remote control X-ray inspections in multiple applications, even in the most critical conditions.

Thanks to the intelligent NOVO Touch Professional software, the system offers an intuitive and intelligent interface for the acquisition of radiographic images and allows the digital storage of all useful information relating to the investigated element, enabling its sharing, archiving and analysis.

The accuracy, quality and timeliness of the data drastically reduce working times, maximizing the result for the professional and the client.


Easy to use, portable, long-lasting battery powered, completely wireless. The system can work with isotopes, constant potential and pulsed X-ray sources.

High-definition images in any weather and working condition thanks to the use of software managed directly via tablet or PC.

Faster and more accurate inspection activities compared to traditional technologies (Film or CR).

Complies with international standards (ISO, ASTM, ASME).



Quick identification and measurement of reinforcing bars inside beams and columns, plastic pipes, cables, and empty spaces.

Oil & Gas

X-ray inspections of pipes, pressure vessels, structural welds, valves etc. Identification of defects such as porosity, cracks, lack of fusion, inclusions, corrosion and erosion. Pipe wall thickness measurement. Ideal for radiographic inspections in refineries, offshore platforms, power plants and transmission facilities.


It can be used on-site in confined spaces and at high altitudes as well as in the laboratory. Perfect for aircraft X-ray inspection during manufacturing and maintenance operations.


Optimal for quality control of ammunition during the production phase or periodic checks. HD images in a few seconds to identify defects, possible assembly errors, and faulty fuses and to verify the integrity of the explosive.


Ideal for inspecting welds during production and maintenance. Immediate inspection of welds for the location of cracks, lack of fusion lines, corrosion, porosity and slag directly on site.

Compared to other technologies, the system allows shorter exposures and reduced dosages, ensuring greater productivity and safety.

A1040 AIM 3D

Ultrasonic tomography for the quality assessment of concrete structures

A1040 MIRA 3D, thanks to the new A-DPC sensor technology, provides unbeatable penetration depth, inspection sensitivity and image resolution, implementing three-dimensional FMC/TFM at each instrument position.

The instrument consists of a lightweight body with 4×8 Active Dry-Point-Contact transducers with integrated circuits and wirelessly connected parallel DAQ electronics that implement image reconstruction and display algorithms via on-board parallel graphics processing units. This hardware solution achieves maximum performance for real-time 3D-TFM imaging.

By using special transmission techniques such as enhanced burst energy, an exceptional penetration depth was achieved even using a relatively small active aperture of the instrument. To further extend the inspection range, arbitrary aperture extension can be used by two or more array units in one configuration.

INTROVIEW Pro is the desktop software, included in the functional package, for remote control, visualization and 3D analysis of Big Data. The functional package of this extraordinary tool is completed with the open data format, for user-customized developments, and offline and online applications.

The A1040 MIRA 3D ultrasonic tomograph is the best solution for performing ultrasonic investigations on highly dispersive materials, such as concrete and reinforced concrete, stones, rock, composites, ceramics, wood, epoxy resin, and refractory materials. Among others, the following main applications can be cited as fields of application of the instrument:

  • Locating reinforcements and other elements (systems, anchors and pipes)
  • Detection of voids, estimation of their position and size in 3D: cavities, boundaries, inclusions, alveoli, cracks
  • Thickness measurement with single-sided access
  • Detection of grouting defects in joints
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