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Over 30 years ago, NorthStar was founded to provide environmental abatement services to the northeast United States. Today, NorthStar has a nationwide branch network that generates


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Legacy of Safety, Growth and Leadership

Over 30 years ago, NorthStar was founded to provide environmental abatement services to the northeast United States.  Today, NorthStar has a nationwide branch network that generates more than $500 million in Average annual sales and completes over 7,500 project each year.

By the early 1990’s, NorthStar had grown to seven offices and established its national presence. At that time NorthStar began to implement its diversification strategy through several tuck-in acquisitions that strengthened its national footprint and service capability for national clients.

By expanding service offerings to a broad range of remediation services and adding deconstruction and facility response capabilities including decontamination & decommissioning, infection control, fireproofing, and emergency and disaster response, NorthStar quickly became the nation’s leading facility services contractor.

NorthStar acquired two specialty companies – Pioneer Maintenance & Erectors, a millwright and rigging company headquartered in Pennsauken, New Jersey and Randolph Construction Services, a specialized design-build contractor headquartered in Pasco, Washington. Pioneer offers its capabilities for installing complex mechanical systems and equipment dismantlement support, respectively, with emphasis in baggage handling systems at the nation’s airports. Randolph is capable of delivering one-of-a-kind industrial, commercial and federal facilities both domestically and abroad. NorthStar provides design-build services primarily to the Federal Government through the Government Services Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Energy with an emphasis in border security facilities.

In early 2014 NorthStar combined with NCM Group to grow revenue and further expand its national footprint to the northwest, southwest and southeast United States.  NorthStar acquired WRS Infrastructure and Environment in late 2014 to expand environmental remediation service capabilities.

Products & Services
Facility Demolition

Market leader in facility demolition services and only provider equipped to execute technically challenging demolition jobs requiring sophisticated program management capabilities, specialized equipment, and skilled supervisors and staff.

NorthStar Demolition USA will safely and efficiently deconstruct or demolish anything on a job site that must be removed. We deliver a complete package of integrated services, experienced management, and innovative equipment as well as the means and methods to maximize value for our clients. With nationwide resources, NorthStar has proven to be the perfect solution for commercial high-rises, chemical plants, manufacturing sites, process plants, petrochemical facilities, military bases, and many other structures with complex demolition and wrecking needs.

All work is performed by our own qualified staff using in-house, well-maintained equipment.


  • Specializes in total building demolition (including implosions), selective demolition, interior strip and gut work, and plant dismantlement
  • Delivers a complete package of integrated services, skilled management and staf, and innovative equipment to customers

Concrete Saw Cutting

  • Vast array of services for building, infrastructure, and industrial work, including slab, wall, and wire sawing and core drilling services
  • Adds value by assisting with determining the overall saw cutting scope and turnkey solutions, including removal and disposal

Ancillary Services

  • Additional services include planning,permitting, deconstruction and demolition debris (C&D) recycling, rigging, asset relocation assistance, and site civil restoration

High-Value Asset Recovery

  • Specialists guarantee the safe dismantling and removal of industrial equipment, assets, and scrap
  • Network of domestic and international scrap buyers ensures the most competitive pricing, maximizing value for NorthStar and its customers

Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Planning and Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Asbestos and Lead Abatement
  • Chemical Remediation (mercury, P4, PCBs, lab packs, etc.)
  • Selective Interior Demolition (stripping and gutting)
  • Structural Demolition
  • Materials Segregation and Salvage for Resale
  • Rigging Out of Equipment
  • Asset Recovery and Relocation Assistance
  • Earthwork/Site Restoration

Demolition New York

Remember, when any environmental hazards are involved, it’s more than just a routine Demolition New York, New Jersey or dismantlement project. You need an experienced, highly knowledgeable contractor to do the job right – safely, cost-effectively, and in full regulatory compliance. NorthStar is the right choice. We look forward to covering all your demolition needs

Environmental Services

NorthStar offers a variety of environmental services, including soil and water remediation and restorative cleaning services, with integrated approaches in applications such as brownfield and coal ash remediation.

NorthStar offers over ten years of experience in engineering design, design/build and construction management services with Florida State Agencies such as SFWMD, SRWMD, FDEP and FDOT. In addition, NorthStar has provided engineering design services to other local municipal entities such as the City of Tampa, the City of Tallahassee and the City of St. Petersburg and Hillsborough County.

Services include:

  • Environmental Restoration & Water Resources
  • Design and Permitting
  • Construction Management
  • Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation
  • Dredging
  • Mitigation Bank Construction
  • Sub-Aqueous Capping/Sediment Remediation/Stabilization
  • Stream Channel and Basin Restoration
  • Aquatic and Wildlife Habitat Construction
  • Constructed Wetlands
  • Water Quality Programs
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic (H&H) Modeling

In-House Construction

  • Levees, Reservoirs and Impoundments
  • Pump Stations and Water Control Structures
  • Design/Build
  • Landfill & Impoundment Construction & Closure
  • Slurry Walls & Hydraulic Containment
  • Hydraulic Berm Construction

Environmental Assessment USA

  • Contamination Assessment, Remediation & Management
  • Environmental Site Assessment & Survey
  • Conservation Easement Documentation & Monitoring
  • Due Diligence Assessment
  • Permitting and Compliance
  • Geospatial (GIS & Mapping) Services
  • Hydrology Assessment & Restoration

Environmental Remediation

  • Excavation and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
  • Groundwater Containment & Reactive Treatment Walls
  • Groundwater Treatment Systems
  • In-Situ and Ex-Situ Thermal Treatment (LTTD)
  • In-Situ Soil Mixing-Treatment, ZVI & Oxidizer introduction Stabilization/Solidification
  • Civil/Mechanical Landfill Closure, Construction and Capping Bioremediation Coal Ash
  • Impoundment/Landfill Construction and Management
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