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We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of specialist NDT equipment, pipe inspection cameras (RVI), and precision measurement equipment including thermal imaging cameras and laser alignment tools, to companies around the world.


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Hi we’re Nexxis,

We’re about so much more than just hiring and selling top quality technical equipment.

Our flexible, solutions-driven approach helps our customers make smarter and more profitable business decisions of their own.  When they choose Nexxis as their technical equipment supplier, they enter into a value-driven partnership which enables them to achieve better outcomes for their business and their own clients too.

At the heart of our operation is the supply of an extensive range of leading-edge inspection, testing and measuring equipment for a variety of applications including offshore oil rigs, subsea installations, engines, machinery, mining operations, infrastructure projects and manufacturing processes.   All these products are available for hire, lease or purchase.

We know from experience that industrial projects are fluid and that requirements change all the time.  We also know that our customers’ circumstances are constantly changing and that they need rapid and practical responses.  That’s where our ‘flexible adaptability’ gives our customers a distinct competitive advantage.

Our whole aim is to reduce project downtime so when you buy, lease or hire any of our technical equipment, you enjoy innovative and flexible contract options, the very best and most advanced equipment on the market, highly skilled and experienced technical support and the benefit of our downtime mitigation guarantee.

As a business we keep up with rapidly evolving technological developments and bring you the most advanced equipment in the world with a continually expanding our range to ensure we have the right equipment to suit your needs.

We’re with you all the way. Comprehensive training on all of our products, either at our Perth offices or on-site, ensure that you maximise the benefit of your investment, plus our team of highly skilled and field-trained technicians are available 24/7 for emergency support.

We believe that our genuine solutions-driven approach, flexible financing options, expert advice and the very latest global technologies set Nexxis apart from other technical equipment companies. We will help you make more profitable business decisions and do the best job possible for your clients.

Choose from our extensive range of top quality, reliable equipment which includes:

  • Inspection Cameras (RVI)
  • Crawlers & Robotics
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment
  • Mechanical Tooling
  • Measurement and Alignment
  • Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) equipment

Nexxis acquired SixDe (formerly known as GMT) in 2018 to expand their machining capabilities and offer a more diverse range of services to their clients? SixDe specialise in a range of services including CNC Machining, Precision Machining, Roll forming, Polyurethane Mouldings and more.

To discuss your requirements and discover how Nexxis can help your business, contact us today.

Products & Services
Inspection Cameras (RVI)

If your operation requires real-time inspection of voids and enclosed structures and you need a pipe inspection camera, sewer, mainline or CCTV inspection camera, then you should consider Nexxis’ range of portable and intelligent Inspection Cameras (RVI).

Our inspection camera RVI equipment range includes borescopes, push rod cameras, robotic crawlers and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera systems which have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of many different industrial inspection environments including pipes, tubes, engines, turbines, boilers, mainline sewers and condensers.

These technologically advanced yet durable instruments capture high-quality data-rich images and video and are supported by user-friendly software with a host of intuitive features to boost productivity, protect your assets and help ensure safety and quality.

So for a pipe inspection camera, mainline sewer inspection camera or CCTV inspection camera, Nexxis are the experts.


The Nexxis PowerTrain robotic crawler is the future of pipe inspection technology. With its compact design and ability to navigate tight bends and vertical pipe segments, it provides a reliable solution for asset owners to collect quality inspection data. With a working pipe diameter range as low as 150mm and up, the PowerTrain is designed to cover a wide range of pipes on-site.

The PowerTrain is equipped with a central rotating body that spins the sensor payload, providing full coverage of a particular section of pipe. This allows for the collection of high-resolution and 3D mapping data, and is interchangeable to include other NDT methods including UT wall thickness measurements. Equipped with HD video stream providing real-time inspection.

The PowerTrain software is packed with features that make it a powerful data collection and inspection tool. Automated routines allow for efficient data collection, while video recording and still image capture provide a visual record of the inspection. Location tagging makes it easy to identify the location of any anomalies, and job recording enables thorough tracking of the inspection process. In addition, the software includes comprehensive reporting capabilities, making it simple to share inspection data with stakeholders. With these features and more, the PowerTrain truly elevates the level of efficiency and accuracy in the pipe inspection process..

The Nexxis PowerTrain is a reliable, versatile, and innovative pipe inspection solution that offers a complete inspection solution for asset owners. With its compact design, full coverage capabilities, and advanced software features, it is the future of pipe inspection technology.

The Zenith 4K Vertical Inspection System

The Zenith is perfectly designed for the inspection of vertical spaces. With a 500+ foot reach, 360 degree viewing thanks to a specialized gimbal and CoaxDrive, the Zenith can record 4k video, 18MP stills and has an 18x optical zoom.

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