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NDT Testing Romania

Founded in 1997, NDT Testing is one of the companies in Romania that provides non-destructive examinations.

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Founded in 1997, NDT Testing is one of the profile companies in Romania that provides non-destructive examinations in all five main control methods and that uses the latest generation equipment for digital radiography and automatic ultrasound control (TOFD + Phased Array), benefiting including mobile laboratories. The wide range of services and the latest generation equipment have contributed to the rapid development of the company both nationally and internationally.

Due to the attention to detail, professionalism, and impeccable services that were delivered on time, the company acquired valuable partners. They have become very important parts of our business card, by consolidating these collaborations, our credibility and prestige in the market.

For 19 years, the NDT Testing company has grown and developed along with the market. We have performed NDT tests in various projects, in various fields of activity, in the fields related to fuel (oil, gas, etc.), for different types of constructions (civil, industrial, etc.).

Products & Services
Visual Examinations

The visual examination is based on the inspection of visible indications with the naked eye, being the most common and least expensive NDT method.


  • Identification of all open discontinuities on the surface;
  • Inspection of less accessible areas.

Types of examinations:

  • Direct examination;
  • Indirect examination using magnifiers, endoscopes, calipers, etc.


  • Simplicity;
  • Speed;
  • Low costs.
Examination with Penetrant Liquids

This type of examination consists in the application of a penetrating liquid on the surface subject to control. After the penetration time, the developer is applied. Due to the absorption properties of the developer, open discontinuities on the surface are highlighted. The examination with penetrant liquids can be performed in visible light and/or in ultraviolet light, with fluorescent penetrants.


  • Identification of open discontinuities on the surface, including those that cannot be seen during visual examination;
  • Examination of welded joints made of non-ferrous materials (ceramics, aluminum, etc.).

Types of examinations:

  • Examination with contrast penetrating liquids;
  • Examination with fluorescent penetrant liquids.


The method is very sensitive to the presence of small superficial discontinuities, an aspect that makes it superior to visual examination;

  • There are few limitations of use;
  • Short duration of execution and low costs;
  • Complex geometries can also be tested.


  • Cleaning agent;
  • Red or fluorescent penetrant;
  • Cleaning agent or water to remove excess penetrant;
  • Developant;
  • Lampa UV.
  • Luxmeter.
Magnetic Particle Examination

Examination with magnetic particles is indicated for the detection of discontinuities on the surface and in its vicinity. Both colored magnetic particles and fluorescent particles can be used. It is applied to the examination of ferromagnetic materials.


  • Identification of discontinuities on the surface and in its vicinity;
  • Examination of the surface of materials prone to cracking.

Types of examinations:

  • Color contrast magnetic particle examination;
  • Examination with fluorescent magnetic particles.


  • Unlike other types of examinations, the one with magnetic particles can identify discontinuities even in the vicinity of the surface. In addition, for the use of this method it is not necessary to remove the anti-corrosion protection of the surface beforehand, an aspect that confers an advantage related to both the execution time and the conditions in which the examination can be carried out;
  • The necessary equipment is portable, and the result is immediate;
  • High inspection speed;
  • Simplicity and ease in performing the verification.


  • Cleaning agent;
  • White contrast paint;
  • Suspension of magnetic particles (colored or fluorescent);
  • Magnetic yoke;
  • UV lamp;
  • Luxmeter.

Field of application:

  • Butt and corner welded joints;
  • Surfaces of ferromagnetic materials;
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