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NDT Technology, LLC.

At NDT Technologies, we don’t use the words “Research & Development” lightly. After all, our name says – and the core of our business is – Technology.


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At NDT Technology, they don’t use the words “Research & Development” lightly. After all, their name says – and the core of our business is – Technology.

Superior technology is easier to sell. Therefore, first-rate R&D is the foundation of its marketing and sales efforts.

Their technology is based on a thorough knowledge of physical principles. It wasn’t concocted based on a hunch, some vague intuition, and implemented by trial-and-error.

They are pretty serious about things like engineering. And manufacturing. And physics. And mathematics.

At NDT Technology, they can detect and accurately measure a rope’s loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA). Among all competitors, only its instrumentation can reliably estimate the number of internal broken wires (single or in clusters) as well as the severity of corrosion pitting. The superior performance of our equipment has been confirmed by independent and very diligently conducted round-robin tests.

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NDT Technologies New Generation

Many offshore wire ropes, such as subsea construction ropes and mooring ropes, have large diameters that are greater than 100 mm (and up to 160 mm) and lengths over 2000 m (and up to 4000 m).

These ropes represent seven-figure investments. They are known as high-value offshore ropes and usually have densely packed non-rotating multi-strand constructions or are of the spiral strand type, frequently with plastic sheathing.

In contrast to smaller ropes that are often considered disposable items, premature discard of these high-value ropes is unjustifiably wasteful. Potential savings from additional years of service life are substantial.

Considering this situation, a properly implemented NDE inspection program promises to lengthen, and possibly even double, the safe service life of these ropes – an extraordinary return on investment.

To achieve rope life extensions, suitable inspection equipment and inspection procedures for high-value offshore ropes are now offered by NDT Technologies.

Based on 30+ years of R&D experience, our New Generation wire rope NDE equipment offers uncommon accuracy and reliability – especially for the quantitative characterization (measurement) of internal rope deterioration. 

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