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NDT Technologies (P) Limited is a professional and a well-diversified company focused on providing advanced, application based NDT equipment and solutions right from portable and serial instruments, automated and tailor-made systems to all kinds of spares, consumables and related accessories required in non-destructive material testing.application based NDT equipment and solutions. A testimony to this fact has been that a majority of our customer base has given us, repeat businesses and opportunities.

For us at NDTT, its not just offering the right quality product that counts, but equally important to us, is to effectively render the requisite product related trainings, application assistance, after sales services and other required timely support.

The company's strength lies principally in the following areas:

  • Representation of global technology leaders serving diverse industrial sectors
  • Strong marketing and sales channels supported by a national presence
  • The management and execution of Turnkey, Automated NDT projects
  • Sourcing, installation, servicing of technology and application based systems backed by effective annual maintenance contracts
  • Consultancy and service, based on customers specific situation and test requirements
  • Inspection services and equipment rentals
  • Education, through technique and product related training

Our strong, committed and customer focused approach has been the key factor in our growth to a single source house for world-class quality products and services for over 350 customers all over India. By virtue of our core competencies, a committed team of professionals, and proactive support from our Principal companies, we work very closely with our customers and contribute significantly in their production process and in quality checks. A very large proportion of our success is attributable to our customers and we therefore, dedicate this publication to our customers, requesting them to honor us with their ongoing trust and co-operation.

Products & Services
Radiation Resistant Cameras

Radiation shielded inspection cameras, CCTV and lighting have traditionally been the main areas of the Ahlberg product range. Complete systems, like the 4-face fuel inspection system, and software, like the fuel assembly bow measurement software, have the last years gained more and more interest.

Over 160 nuclear plant units in 20 countries use equipment from Ahlberg Cameras. Nuclear power plants and waste storage plants make up the biggest customer group, but also nuclear fuel manufacturers and NDT-companies use Ahlberg Cameras for their services.

Systems like “4-face fuel inspection system” and “Mast camera system” are made up of standard Ahlberg Cameras radiation shielded equipment that is tailor made built together to fit in our customers´ premises. Design and installation is done in collaboration between Ahlberg Cameras engineers and nuclear plant staff.

Software applications are used to get more out of camera operations. It could be image improvements to discover cracks, or measurement programs to calculate harmful nuclear fuel assembly bending.

Robotic Cameras

Robotic Crawler based camera systems are used for visual inspection of difficult to access areas. In this technique, an automated robotic crawler system is sent inside the inspection area to record the images & videos. Live visuals are displayed on the control unit/monitor. These camera systems can be used for under water & intrinsicly safe environment.

These producs are categorised into :

  • Manhole Zoom Camera Systems
  • Pan & Tilt Push Camera Systems
  • Robotic Crawler Systems

Based on application, Robotic Camera System has following models :

  • Rovion RX 130 : Robotic crawler for 150 mm - 300 mm diameter
  • Rovion RX 400 : Robotic crawler for 400 mm - 1300 mm diameter
  • Agilios : Push camera for upto 90 meter length
  • Quick View : Zoom inspection camera for manhole inspection
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