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NDT Solutions, LLC

NDT Solutions (NDTS) is an experienced Nondestructive Testing team that maintains certifications in all inspection methods.

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Nondestructive Testing (NDT) plays an increasingly important role in diverse areas of modern society ranging from aerospace, nuclear power plants to oil and gas transportation. NDT techniques help promote safety, environmental protection,  and economy in production.

The goal of most NDT techniques is to reveal anomalies in a test object without destroying the test specimen. Such inspection can avoid unnecessary damage to the objects and eliminate or minimize the number of catastrophic accidents associated with its use. NDT techniques may also be used for monitoring the growth in the size of defects until they reach a critical level. Thus, the service time of some expensive facilities can be maximized. Another area of NDT application is process control. NDT techniques may be able to provide real time information of the status and the quality of a product during the manufacturing process. The information can be used as a basis for final product sorting or as feed-back for system adjustments.

Products & Services
NDT Instrument Calibration

NDTS makes it a priority to provide the most consistent and trustworthy calibration services. We focus on accuracy, reliability, and repeatability when calibrating your equipment. Our promise is timely execution, exceptional customer service, and flexibility to meet your business needs. The team can calibrate most brands and types of NDT testing equipment with precision and accuracy.

NDT Courses & Specialized Training

NDTS provides focused education that integrates the best of theory and practical application. Our team is qualified by years of hands-on experience, and education, and is accredited by ASNT to give direction and certification to any NDT program including NAS 410 Level I and Level II training.

We can provide in-depth lessons and accreditation tests on theory and application of methods and provide opportunities for hands-on experience. Valuable interaction with the instructor sets up the optimal environment for preparing students to confidently fulfill their ability to perform the required inspections. 

The NDTS team is the only authorized company to provide AUSS Systems training. Courses include AUSS Mobile Operations, Maintenance, as well as Operator Refresher training. 

Let us help you develop the most effective inspection solutions by training your team on how to optimize inspection protocol. 

Inspection Services

NDTS provides inspection support within the Aerospace, Energy, and Transportation industries. These services are performed on metallic and non-metallic components and structures. Based on customer requirements, nondestructive inspection can be performed during production, post-production, or in-service. Our NDT Inspection team is critical to providing optimal test data for our customers. 

Inspections Services Provided:

  • Computed Tomography -CT
  • Eddy Current - ET
  • Mag Particle - MT
  • Penetrant - PT
  • Radiography - RT
  • Ultrasonic – UT
  • Visual - VT
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