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NDT Resources Ltd.

NDT Resources Ltd is a specialist Non-destructive Testing (NDT) recruitment business and agency.

Service, Consultation, Staff Recruiting

United Kingdom

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We provide an informed link between job seeker and employer.

Within our company resides many years of hands-on experience in the application of NDT in various industrial sectors, notably in aerospace. Coupled with this experience is an in-depth knowledge of all major methods and certification regimes. 

The services we offer

  • Temporary workers
  • Permanent placements
  • Senior appointments
  • Sub-contractor support

In the first instance, please feel free to call us for an informal chat about your requirements. We like to meet our clients face-to-face and would love to meet you and your team to understand your business and needs better.

Sectors we work in:

  • Aerospace
  •  Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Rail
  • Maritime

What do we offer employees that are placed through our recruitment company?

Our candidates can expect professional and knowledgeable on-going support in aid of their permanent or contract placement.

Because we understand NDT methodology and certification, we can determine if you have the right credentials; if so, we can produce a cogent case to get you past the HR person who, in all probability, does not – you may not hold the required PCN, for example. 

To gain that all important interview, we will always seek to speak directly to the Level 3 involved. 

Sub-contractor services

Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have regarding the employment status that you require to operate under - we have professional advice on hand.

Our back-office support will ensure that you are always paid on-time and that all statutory obligations are met. 

We are corporate members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Therefore, you can feel confident that we always abide by their strict codes of conduct. 

What have you got to lose?

Register your CV for consideration. Our clients' demands are fluid, therefore, do not expect every job opportunity to be advertised here.

An important note: By registering and sending us your CV you give us your consent to process your data. For much more information, please click on the 'Privacy Policy' link at the bottom of the page. 

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Products & Services

What makes us the preferred recruitment company for NDT personnel?

Consider the following questions:

1. How do you find your current recruitment process?

2. Does your current recruiter understand your certification requirements – do they know what could be equivalent?

3. What do you think of the quality of CVs that you’re presented with – are they always relevant? 

4. How well prepared have the candidates been?

5. What have been the typical timescales of identifying a recruitment need, to placing a candidate?

If you have a negative comment regarding any of the above, then you need to consult us. We understand NDT

Because of our expert knowledge of NDT methodology, practice and certification, we offer a more targeted approach to the sourcing of NDT personnel – no more piles of irrelevant CVs to sift through.

We have a large database of NDT professionals - we rarely advertise.

NDT Resources has a professional and comprehensive back office support system to manage all contract requirements.

Any request for NDT support from you can be followed up by a site visit, during which we can better understand your expectations.

We provide the services of an employment agency (introducing candidates for employment by you) or as an employment business (engaging and supplying temporary workers to provide services to you) - whatever suits your needs.

This all adds up to providing a knowledgeable and comprehensive recruitment service that strives to meet your requirements.

We have found personnel for difficult to fill roles where others have failed

For example: we found 2 UT technicians with aerospace composites experience for Terma Aerostructures, in Denmark. Their previous recruitment company had tried - in vain - for more than a year.

We also researched Denmark’s tax, social security system obligations and cost of living for our candidates which enabled them to approach these roles with their eyes open. This all added up to drawing them overseas to Terma – one was initially quite reluctant.

We are members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

This means that you can have complete confidence that we comply with all appropriate UK Regulations and the REC's Code of Practice. We continually strive to improve our customer experience.

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