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NDT Reporting Co., Ltd.

UTM Reporting simplifies survey data collection and streamlines reporting processes



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UTM Reporting simplifies survey data collection and streamlines reporting processes for marine surveyors, Class & NDT inspectors, fleet asset managers, Superintendents, and QA/QC shipyard managers

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UTM Reporting App

UTM Reporting is an NDT inspection management app that helps marine surveyors, Class & UTG inspectors, fleet asset managers, Superintendents, and QA/QC shipyard managers to build and complete ultrasonic thickness measurement reports for vessels and all this from the jobsite.

Here’s how it works, locate thickness measurements and defect areas on ship blueprints, and when it's time to report progress of the survey, you can easily turn project data into a CSV or a customizable PDF report within seconds.

UTM Reporting replaces pen and papers in the field. You will never lose a minute trying to understand scribbles on paper or struggling to fill Excel sheets.

Thickness measurements, notes and pictures of defects are gathered in one place, so nothing slips through the crack.

You no longer need to rework and lay out your inspection data. You can focus on your real work; the app works for you! Gain an edge in survey performance and profitability!


*** Vessel inspection management app

+ Detail your project information (customer, Vessel, Inspection, controller)

+ Customize all inspected elements (Hull structural element and sub elements linked)

+ Customize inspected locations (aft/forward; transverse elements, longitudinal elements, rooms/spaces)

+ Upload all your plans and pictures

*** Vessel gauging app:

+ Locate accurately thickness measurements on blueprints

+ Illustrate defect areas with a picture, a note and locate it on plan

+Get easily the number of measurements added on each blueprints

+ Manage the diminution range either for all your project or by hull structural elements(substantial & excessive diminution thresholds)

*** Ultrasonic thickness measurement Reporting app:

+ Customizable report template

+ Select between 3 report formats (Full, plan, or raw data)

+ Select inspected elements and data to display in the report

+ Display measurements by inspected locations & create comparisons (transverse elements, longitudinal elements, rooms/spaces)

+ Generate automatically your gauging reports

+ Save, export, and share easily your report with your counterparts

** Full Report

+ Includes: Measurements & Diminutions summary; Measurements tables; blueprints with measurements; Pictures and notes

+ Mainly intended for: Your client who expect a consistent final report; The authority who grants the certificate of seaworthiness

** Plan Report

+ Includes: blueprints with measurements

+ Often shared with: Your counterparts in order to follow the progress of the survey; The maintenance company to easily locate areas to repair

** Raw Data Report

+ Includes: Every element related to your survey (measurements, diminutions, markers' positions...) organized in 2 CSV files and every blueprints containing thickness measurements

+ Often used for: Keeping detailed records of the survey; Laying out your data with an external report template (like classification society templates)


** Offline mode

** Data sync

** Archive finished projects


We believe that our app will help you to boost your productivity and your profitability. Keep your clients satisfied by issuing your UTM reports fast while avoiding delivery delays. It only takes a couple minutes to set up a new project and we don’t think you will regret it! Download UTM Reporting and lead the race !

Marine Surveyors

Efficient Marine Surveys: Accurate Data, Precise Inspection, Flawless Reporting. UTM Reporting revolutionizes the way marine surveyors collect and report ultrasonic thickness measurements

NDT and Class Inspectors

Efficient Class and NDT Inspection with Accurate Data and Instant Reports. UTM Reporting: The most straightforward tool to complete your Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement survey

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