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NDT-KITS (Honesdom international HK limited) is a high-tech company where we focus on the research, development, and manufacturing of ultrasonic equipment as well as ultrasonic probes.



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NDT-KITS (Honesdom international HK limited) is a high-tech company where we focus on the research, development, and manufacturing of ultrasonic equipment as well as ultrasonic probes. It is our company that has established the first digital ultrasonic flaw detection equipment in China in the year 1988. Our enterprise still continues to devote itself to nondestructive testing and we are the leading manufacturer of nondestructive testing instruments in China.

Our NDT-KITS company has included many industrial elites from the national and international levels. We have a strong technical force with an internationally advanced R&D and production. Hence, our company is in the leading position in many innovative technologies that include 1-3 composite wafers, ultrasonic phased-array equipment, as well as phased-array probe development at both the national and international levels. In addition to the replacement of the imported products in China, we have also developed doppler products and have distributed them to many international companies for a long time. Of course, all of them have been well received!

Our NDT-KITS company continues to invest more than 10% of its sales revenue in technological innovation for the past many years, and we have successfully achieved spectacular achievements. And this step has been successfully commercialized to make our products operate better.

Our manufacturing base has many advanced SMT production lines, machining production lines, and probe production lines, including a greater number of skilled production technicians.

NDT-KITS has a sophisticated larger environmental test room where all the completed products must be in the environmental examination room before delivery for 72 hours of the constant aging test. This is to ensure that our equipment can work stably under any harsh conditions of practice.

Products & Services
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

NDT-KITS is your reliable and qualified ultrasonic thickness gauge supplier. Come and get a quick quote!

  • Broad measurement range
  • High accuracy
  • Time-based B-scan function
  • Multiple-wave check method
  • Easy to operate

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Sale

NDT-KITS supply high performance ut thickness gauge, our new product UE0073 with Live Color A-Scan and B-Scan, it’s very useful for customer to validate the testing results and check the bottom outline of testing part. The Adjustable GAIN, GATE and blanking function make it suitable to measure thickness on rough surface parts and super thick plate.

By using the Past Zero Detection Technology, our ut thickness gauge testing value is not affected by the echo intensity, material attenuation coefficient, gain and gate height, so the testing data has higher reliability. Our thickness gauge has real 0.01mm resolution; it can easily distinguish two test blocks that the thickness difference is only 0.01mm.

Ultrasonic Scanner

NDT-KITS is your reliable ultrasonic scanner supplier in China. Contact us and get the best price for ultrasonic scanner.

  • Suitable for pipe butt weld inspection
  • Increase accuracy of results
  • High flexibility
  • Increase inspection speed

Ultrasonic Scanner for Sale

NDT industrial scanners have got varied applications. They can be used to increase data quality, speed, and the probability of detection (POD). Our company offers industrial scanners with single or dual axes (XY) in both semiautomated (manual) and motorized versions. Scanners that examine welds can hold various probes, facilitating multi-technology examination with a better POD.

Our corrosion examination scanners are implemented on pipes or flat surfaces in combination with the CRS-25 scanner, dual linear array probes, or flexible phased array probes, while our aerospace scanners can hold onto composite surfaces. To finish your assessment, NDT-KITS provides many wedge models as well as phased array probes.

NDT-KITS has an extensive collection of scanners to focus on weld assessment requirements including maintenance or fabrication. We have the right solutions from small pipes to flat plates with the ability to hold various probes for a comprehensive weld volume coverage. Even if you select a manual or motorized option, our scanners provide repeatability, dependability, and versatility.

NDT-KITS ultrasonic testing scanners offer more precise and effective scanning. Our software-aided inspection scanners can control the entire scan process covering the entire examination area followed by acquiring its final information. 

From weld examination to corrosion mapping, do not miss to make use of one of our standard scanning solutions. Or else, contact us so that we will get you a customized scanning solution according to your specific requirements.

Ultrasonic Probe

NDT-KITS is your reliable and qualified ultrasonic probes supplier in China. Contact us and get them at affordable price.

  • We supply standard probes, customized probes and relevant accessories, in total more than 4000 models
  • Based on 1-3 piezoelectric composite crystal
  • With Higher Sensitivity
  • With shorter duration of wave, typically at 2~2.5 cycles
  • With higher Bandwidth, typically at 70~110%
  • Best alternatives of Olympus probes

Ultrasonic Probes for Sale

NDT-KITS provides more then 400+ types of ultrasonic transducers, including TOFD ultrasonic transducers, immersion ultrasonic transducers, dual element ultrasonic transducer, angle beam ultrasonic transducers, normal beam ultrasonic transducers, phased array ultrasonic transducers and so on.

We are the leading ultrasonic probe manufacturer in China. Our probes are manufactured base on piezoelectric composite crystal, which has more penetrating power in attenuation material, higher signal-to-noise ratio than coarse-grained metal, glass fiber, and reinforced composite materials, short pulse-higher resolution. Moreover, it is our advantage to customize special probes for our customers. To understand customer’s requirement, our experienced application engineers and probe design experts cooperate with our customers, use the best way to provide perfect product design and meet customer’s demands.

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