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NDT Group Inc.

NDT Group provides a combination of basic and advanced NDT/Inspection services.



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NDT Group Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated Nondestructive Testing and Inspection Company. We are industry leaders providing nondestructive testing and inspection services to various industrial sectors abroad. NDT Group provides a combination of basic and advanced NDT/Inspection services.

Our personnel is some of the most experienced and respected NDT Technicians. We’re proud to offer an innovative and professional first-class service to industries such as Pulp & Paper, Pipeline, Petro-Chemical, Aeronautical, Structural, Manufacturing, Power Generation (Nuclear, Thermal, and Hydro-Electric), and Transportation.

NDT Group Inc. is ISO 9001-2015 and CSA W178.1 certified.

Our NDT certifications include CGSB (RT/UT/ET/MT/PT/XRF), CSA W178.1(CSA W59, CSA Z662, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3), AWS, API QUTE, API QUPA, API QUSE, ASNT Level III (RT/UT/VT/MT/PT), and ISO PA & ToFD. We are also HTHA qualified by Lavender International NDT.

Our specialties include Pipeline Integrity NDT Assessment, Advanced NDT, Complex Geometries, HTHA Inspections, Crack Sizing, and UT examination of Austenitic Welds from 0.052"​ to heavy wall.

Products & Services
Eddy Current Testing (ET)

In Eddy Current Testing (ET), a coil carrying an AC current is placed close to the specimen surface, or around the specimen. The current in the coil generates circulating eddy currents in the specimen close to the surface and these in turn affect the current in the coil by mutual induction.

Flaws and material variations in the specimen affect the strength of the eddy currents. The presence of flaws, etc. is therefore measured by electrical changes in the exciting coil. NDT Group Inc. (NGI) provides the following services with this technique:

  • ET Training
  • ET Consulting
  • ET Auditing
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic particle testing (MT) is used to locate surface and slight subsurface discontinuities or defects in ferromagnetic materials. Such flaws present in a magnetized part will cause a  magnetic field (i.e. flux) to leave the part. If magnetic particles are applied to this surface, they will be held in place by the flux leakage to give a visual indication. NDTG provides the following services with this technique:MT1


  • Direct current (AC) yokes
  • Portable Alternated Current (AC) yokes

Magnetic Particles

  • Dry powder
  • Wet system particles (Fluorescent, Color Contrast)
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