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Since its founding in 2000, NDT Global has been setting new standards in diagnostic inspection, data analysis and integrity assessment – onshore, offshore, all over the globe.


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The Best Diagnostic Data For a World of Sustainable Growth 

Since its founding in 2000, NDT Global has been setting new standards in diagnostic inspection, data analysis and integrity assessment – onshore, offshore, all over the globe. Whether it’s independently verified first-run success and on-time reporting metrics, or exemplary Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) practices, we have continually raised the bar for others to clear. Continuous improvement, customer focus, trust and partnership are the pillars of our success.

Products & Services
PROTON™ Phased Array Ultrasonic Service

Providing Clarity to your Pipeline Asset

PROTON™ is a highly configurable phased array inspection platform allowing a combination of multiple angles and crack techniques (pulse-echo, pitch and catch) for crack detection and sizing in addition to high-resolution metal loss measurement. Multi-angle sampling allows the best depth tool tolerance available in the market by means of these multiple indirect crack measurement techniques and direct crack tip measurement for critical features. The multiple angles cover a wide range of crack features such as hook cracks, lack of fusion, lack of penetration, weld anomalies, SCC, amongst other linear indications.

Enhanced Precision through Feature Context

PROTON depth tool tolerance is at a feature level as it considers the context and surroundings of the crack. This is possible because of the multiple attributes that are recorded and considered for the depth calculation such as weld type, relative position, weld geometry, etc.

The information PROTON provides allows the understanding of the truest condition of the pipeline asset. Contact us to learn more.

Pulse Echo Crack

Pipeline cracks represent one of the most prevalent and serious threats to an asset’s operation, so identifying and sizing them is of critical importance.

0-degree pulse echo is not able to detect these features therefore, there’s a requirement for the same pulse echo technique but with a tilted arrangement of the sensors, allowing for the detection of cracks. NDT Global has experience inspecting 100s of miles to over 1,000 miles of pipelines with pulse echo for cracks. This technique is, to date, the best technique to detect cracks in liquid pipelines.

Pulse Echo crack utilizes a 45-degree shear wave obtained in the steel as a result of the incidence angle (sensor tilt). This shear wave “zig zags” in the pipe wall and is reflected to the sensors following the same path when a crack is detected. The time-of-flight differences between signal emission and reception indicate whether the anomalies are internal or external. Adding further precision to the feature evaluation, the received signal's amplitude is directly tied to a specific depth. The combination of these data points produce an accurate picture of the location, depth, and length of a potential crack. Our measurements are so precise that we can tell how severe (or minor) a feature might be based solely on the amplitude of the reflected signal. When we gather hundreds and thousands of these amplitude data points, we can paint a vivid picture of the exact location, orientation, type, and sizing of a crack in a given operation.

With NDT Global’s Pulse Echo Crack Detection, operators can get an exact picture of how deep and long a crack defect may be. As a result, mitigation efforts can be deferred if, for example, a pulse echo inspection indicates that a given crack feature is only 1 mm (0.04 in.) deep and is years away from reaching burst pressure. This saves time and money and maximizes safety. If your system is experiencing cracks or crack-like anomalies, contact us to learn how NDT Global can help identify and efficiently remediate them.

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