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NDT Company snc, based in Camisano Vicentino, operates globally, concentrating its activity in the Triveneto area, but at the same time constantly covering work sites in Europe and beyond.



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The NDT COMPANY company was born from the union of qualified and certified technicians with many years of experience in the field of Non-Destructive Testing and consultancy on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, for newly produced or in-service components. NDT COMPANY works on any type of product, both civil and industrial, and provides the customer with an advanced and technological service, through the use of the most modern and innovative instruments, carrying out precise and accurate diagnostic analyses. NDT COMPANY operates globally, concentrating its activities in the Triveneto area, but at the same time constantly covering work sites present in European territory.

Products & Services
Visual Inspection

It is the most common inspection method; there are applications of the visual as the only intended examination method.

The visual test can be carried out if access is sufficient to place the eye within 600mm of the surface to be tested and with a viewing angle of no less than 30° concerning the surface

The piece, component, container, etc. when tested, shall be illuminated, if necessary with auxiliary lights. To maximize the effectiveness of the test, the application of lighting must be considered in terms of:

  • Using the optimal direction of light concerning the observed point.
  • Exclusion of glare.
  • Optimization of the color temperature of the light source.
  • Use of a lighting level compatible with the reflectivity of the surface.
Ultrasound Inspection

Non-destructive testing with ultrasound exploits the phenomena of propagation in solids, liquids, or gases of elastic wave beams, i.e. compression and decompression waves of matter, with a frequency higher than that of sounds audible to the human ear.

The ultrasonic waves, which are sent into the spatial system to be examined, are attenuated by the matter they encounter and reflected by it, deflected or absorbed due to the discontinuities present in it.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

The non-destructive test of penetrant liquids is a procedure for inspecting the surface integrity of a ferrous or non-ferrous piece. The penetrant is spread by spraying, brushing, or immersion, thus allowing the capillary action to act for the time necessary to penetrate any emerging defects. Subsequently, the excess penetrant is removed.

At the end of this procedure which occurs through washing, removal with damp cloths o,r immersion in emulsifiable liquid, the surface must be free from traces of penetrant.

Finally, the piece is sprinkled with a contrast medium called a detector (in the same way as the application of the penetrant), which will thus allow the liquid that has penetrated any discontinuities to resurface on the surface.

It will thus be possible, thanks to the action of capillarity, to detect the various defects that may have emerged on the piece under examination.

Typically the penetrant is red/purple in presence, while the detector is white; this chromatic difference allows any emerging defect to be easily visible.

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