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NDE Incorporated

NDE Inc. is a nondestructive testing (NDT) and field heat treatment (HT) services firm serving the South East Region of Georgia, Florida and Louisiana since 1984. NDE, Inc.

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NDE Inc. is a nondestructive testing (NDT) and field heat treatment (HT) services firm serving the Southeast Region of Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana since 1984. NDE, Inc. offers a unique single-source option that streamlines the contracting process for a variety of industries and contractors including power, pipeline, oil and gas, tank construction, chemical, aerospace, building infrastructure, mining, manufacturing, and metal fabrication. 

NDE Inc. maintains a highly qualified staff with over 150 years of combined experience. Our technicians train, test, and certify to the latest regulations required by our customer base. We are committed to our core values of Safety, Quality, Integrity, and Reliability in all things and are motivated to build our market value through unsurpassed customer service, innovation, and cost improvements.

Products & Services
Industrial Radiography

NDE., Inc. specializes in industrial radiography on congested job sites. We understand the cost of customer downtime, so our crews carefully analyze the job requirements to maximize our productivity and efficiency while minimizing the impact on your schedule. Our crews are highly trained and maintain radiography certifications in gamma and computed radiography. 
Traditional gamma radiography is one of the oldest volumetric inspection techniques available and is suitable for use on virtually any material. Computed radiography (CR) is an advanced radiographic inspection technique that provides a more intuitive display and requires less radiation exposure to produce images. 
CR allows the technician to view multiple thicknesses on a part with one exposure and the resultant high-resolution images can be adjusted and enhanced to improve viewing and identification. The high-resolution images can be easily stored on a flash drive or emailed with the CR Light version software to other parties for review.

Certified Welding Inspection

NDE Inc. employs AWS Certified Weld Inspectors to meet your project needs. Our weld inspectors can travel to your job site to provide just-in-time weld inspections. 
We can also certify your welders to virtually any code specifications and can write or review your internal weld procedures for compliance. Refer to the Services list for a complete list of available inspections.

Concrete Scanning

Call us before you start a remodel or new construction involving concrete slabs, pilings, or buildings. Our concrete scanning techniques can locate rebar, conduit, cables, and many foreign objects buried within concrete. 
We do both vertical and horizontal scanning to help you identify obstacles before they become a safety or other costly mistake. Our trained technicians can quickly identify obstructions to keep your project on schedule.

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