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National Test Pty Ltd

After 14 years of providing successful heat treatment solutions, National Test was launched in 2013.



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After 14 years of providing successful heat treatment solutions, the National Test was launched in 2013. National Test offers accurate and reliable nondestructive testing - NDT, inspection services, and quality heat management services.

To optimize quality, price, and performance, their testing and inspection services can be tailored to individual client requirements. National Test is a partner company of heat treatment specialist National Heat – with whom they share a Brisbane base and offices in Mackay, Darwin, and Perth. Due to growing demand, National Test was established to provide NDT and related services to valued clients of National Heat. National Heat and National Test now offer Heat Treatment and NDT services as a package if required.

Products & Services
Radiographic Inspection

Our staff provides industrial radiographic inspections using X-ray and gamma-ray apparatus. All film processing is undertaken using automated equipment and our mobile field laboratory is fitted with a modern automatic film processor. We can also provide longer-term onsite processing and reporting using our two 20’ Sea Container Laboratories.

Common uses include:

  • Pipe spooling
  • In-service equipment (valves, piping, nozzles)
  • Internal corrosion detection and monitoring
Ultrasonic Examination

Using digital ultrasonic equipment, our qualified personnel are capable of accurate pulse-echo flaw detection, monitoring, and evaluation.

These inspections can be carried out on:

  • Static or in-service components
  • Monitoring of discontinuity propagation
  • Thickness surveys
  • Lamination detection
Magnetic Particle Testing

Using the latest in AC Yoke Magnetising Units, our accredited technicians are capable of both fluorescent and visible magnetic particle inspection.

This method is useful for:

  • Surface and sub-surface defects in ferrous materials
  • Thread and gear testing
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