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MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions

We provide Infrared Non-Destructive Test Systems ('IR-NDT') and Solutions for Flash/Pulse, Transient, Lockin and Vibro-Thermography.


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MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions, founded in 1999, is providing Infrared Non-Destructive Test Solutions. We offer a large variety of inspection systems. Our systems support all thermal and infrared non-destructive testing methods, such as Flash Thermography, Pulse Thermography, Transient Thermography, Vibro-Thermography, Lockin Thermography and Thermal Stress Analysis.
Products & Services
C-CheckIR - Mobile NDT System

The Portable Solution C-CheckIR for Non-Destructive Testing with Active Thermography

  • Suitable for Aerospace, Automotive Wind Energy Plants, Maritime, and more
  • Ideal for Inspection of Composite Materials like GRP/CFRP
  • Contactless Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Large Inspection Area
  • Compact Design for Mobile Use
  • Touch-Screen with Intuitive User-Interface

Portable Thermography System for Non-Destructive Testing

The portable C-CheckIR system enables you to inspect a wide range of materials with active thermography. The system achieves precise and reliable measurements and is ideal for inspecting composite materials like glass- or carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (GRP/CFRP). C-CheckIR is easy to handle and requires minimal training. The entire inspection head is mounted on a lightweight support frame equipped with vacuum suction feet. This design permits positioning of the system over a wide variety of surfaces.

Active Thermography

The system includes a heat source to provide thermal excitation to the inspected material.  The flow of thermal energy through the material has a direct influence on the material’s surface temperature topology.  An infrared camera records the material’s surface temperature over a specified period of time.  The chronological temperature data is processed, analyzed, and displayed as an image.  The resulting image provides information about the internal structure of the material and possible defects present within it.

Composite Check - Advanced Composite NDT

Turn-key NDT for Composite Inspection Using Advanced Thermography

  • Detect defects in composite panels
  • Only requires access to one side of panel
  • No contact with panel necessary
  • Superior penetration depth
  • Uses innovative “Lock-in” Thermography technology
  • Modular “Base” system scales to fit any panel size (VIEW)
  • More affordable than alternative technologies

High Speed / Flexible:

All kinds of defects in parts from different composite materials can be reliably detected within short times.

Detects All Key Defects on a Variety of Materials:

Defects like delaminations, cracks, impact damages and water inclusions are detected and displayed with excellent contrast. Detects thermal stress and “far side” defects.
Suitable for all kinds of composites like CRP (Carbonfiber Reinforced Plastics), GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Plastics), Honeycombs, CFRC (Carbonfiber Reinforced Ceramics) GLARE (Glassfiber Reinforced Aluminum Laminate):

Easy and reliable measurement setup:

Large area measurements (up to 10 sq. ft.).
Insensitive to thermal reflections and variations in emissivity.

Accommodates a Wide Range of Measurements Methods:

Depending on your application needs, Composite-Check can utilize a number of NDT methods:

  • Flash Thermography
  • Transient Thermography
  • Lock-In Thermography
  • Vibro-Thermography
Crack Check NDT For Metallics and Ceramics

Advanced NDT Detection for Metallic, Ceramic and Composite Materials

  • Surface Cracks
  • Deep Cracks
  • Micro-Cracks

High Speed / Flexible:

Variable system design, from mobile systems for laboratory applications up to robot guided in-line systems with high speed measuring and fully automated data processing.
Easy and fast changeover for the measurement of different parts and materials.

Measures All Key Defects on a Variety of Material:

Cracks are displayed with excellent contrast.
Suitable for all kinds of metallics, ceramics and composites.

LockIn Vibro-Thermography NDT Solution:

During the measurement of the inspected part heat is generated only at positions with defects. The heating is adjustable by the ultrasound power applied to the part.

Even temperature-sensitive materials can be inspected.

Only 10% of the ultrasound energy is necessary compared to conventional vibro-thermography systems, thus preventing further damage to the cracked area.

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