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Micro-Epsilon offers the widest product range of high-precision distance sensors, infrared temperature sensors, color sensors and dimensional measurement systems as well as systems for industrial applications.



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Micro-Epsilon offers the widest product range of high-precision distance sensors, infrared temperature sensors, color sensors and dimensional measurement systems as well as systems for industrial applications. Regardless of whether your field is research and development, production automation or machine building, we can offer solutions that meet your individual requirements.

More than 30,000 users worldwide rely on Micro-Epsilon - so let us convince you!

Products & Services
Eddy Current Sensors

Eddy-current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are developed for non-contact measurement of movements, distances, positions, oscillations and vibrations. They are particularly suitable when high precision is necessary in demanding industrial environments (pressure, dirt, temperature). Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon offer precise measurements, where submicron precision is necessary.

Advantages of the measurement principle:

  • Non-contact measurement of displacement, distance and position on ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials
  • For demanding, industrial environments: Dirt, pressure and temperature
  • High resolution and temperature stability
  • High frequency response for fast measurement processes
  • Customer-specific sensors and controllers
  • Robust and industry-adapted sensor design
  • Many areas of application thanks to an extensive product range

Unbeatable precision - even for dynamic measurements

Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are often used in applications with harsh environmental conditions and where maximum precision is necessary. The insensitivity to dirt, pressure and extreme temperatures are distinguishing features. The sensors can also work in high-speed processes, measuring oscillations and vibrations thanks to a high frequency response of up to 100 kHz (-3dB).

Inductive position sensors based on eddy currents are used for precise displacement measurements.

Largest range of sensors worldwide - ideal for tough industrial environments

Eddy-current sensors do not react to non-conductive materials. For this reason, dirt, dust and oil do not affect the measurement. This fact, combined with the sensor's robust, temperature-compensated design, makes it possible to measure in harsh industrial environments.

  • Robust and reliable sensors IP67
  • Pressure-resistant models, up to 2,000 bar
  • Insensitive to oil, dust and dirt

The sensors are insensitive to high ambient pressure.

Ideal at varying temperatures

  • Sensors for high-precision measurement can be easily affected by varying temperatures. Micro-Epsilon's eddy current sensors are therefore equipped with an active temperature compensation function that minimizes temperature effects.
  • Active temperature compensation of sensor, cable and controls

eddyNCDT position sensors provide accurate measurement values ​​even in fluctuating temperatures.

Customer-specific sensors for automation and OEM

We often find applications where the standard models of sensors and control units work at their ultimate limit of function or measurement range. For these special applications, the measuring systems can be modified according to the customer's specific wishes. Changes include, for example, modified design, measurement target calibration, mounting options, individual cable lengths, modified measurement ranges or sensors with integrated control electronics.

The inductive sensors can be tailored to customer-specific measurement problems.

Capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensors are designed for non-contact measurement of movements, distance and position, as well as thickness measurement. Thanks to the high signal stability and resolution, capacitive sensors are often used in laboratory environments as well as in industrial applications. For example, capacitive sensors are used in production monitoring to measure film thickness and the application of glue and binders. In machine installations, they measure distances and tool positions.

Advantages of the capacitive principle

  • Non-contact measurement of movement, distance and thickness against electrically conductive materials as well as insulators
  • Unmatched accuracy for laboratories and industry
  • Custom sensors and control units
  • All capaNCDT sensors, cables and controller units are fully compatible
  • Lots of application areas thanks to a large product range
  • The latest controller technology ensures easy operation

High immunity to magnetic fields

For environments with strong magnetic fields, Micro-Epsilon offers transducers and cables that are made of non-magnetic materials, such as titanium and stainless steel. The shielding achieved by the triaxial design provides extremely high immunity to interference

Vacuum and clean room applications

Capacitive position sensors from Micro-Epsilon are often used in vacuum and clean room applications where in particle-free environments they achieve resolutions in the subnanometer range. For vacuum applications, Micro-Epsilon offers special sensors, cables and bushings. These sensors and cables are largely particle-free and are used in cleanrooms up to cleanroom class ISO1.

Highest precision in extreme ambient temperatures

Unlike conventional non-contact measurement techniques, capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon are characterized by the highest measurement accuracy and stability. Since heat-induced conductivity changes of the measuring object do not affect the measurements, the measured values ​​remain stable even at fluctuating temperatures. For example, capacitive sensors are used for distance measurements of superconducting magnets. The temperature-stable sensor design enables ambient temperatures up to -270° C while maintaining maximum resolution of the measured value.

New: Precise measurements at high ambient temperatures

For measurements of high temperatures up to +800 °C, the new CSE HT sensors are used. The high-temperature sensors are operated with the high-performance capaNCDT 6228 controllers.

Full compatibility: Sensor and controller changes without the need for calibration

The capaNCDT sensors, cables and control units can be easily and quickly replaced. Thanks to the innovative technology, further calibration or linearization is unnecessary. Simple exchange of capaNCDT components and sensors with different measurement ranges can be quickly and easily carried out on site. Micro-Epsilon has the world's widest range of variants and combinations in capacitive distance measurement.

Modern and user-friendly control technology

The modern capaNCDT control units are equipped with various interfaces such as analog, Ethernet and EtherCAT. The capacitive measuring systems can be easily set up and configured via the web interface displayed in the browser. The controller is connected to the PC via Ethernet interface. Settings, filters and arithmetic functions are saved as they go directly in the controller.

Sensors for customer-specific applications and OEM

We can adapt our measurement systems to customer-specific measurement tasks, e.g. design, material calibration, cable lengths, modified measurement ranges or sensors with integrated control electronics.

Read more about sensor changes.

Capacitive transducers: How they work and when they are used

Capacitive sensors are based on the detection of change in capacitance. With a plate-type capacitor, the capacitance between two plates of constant size can be changed by changing their distance or by placing a dielectric in the measurement gap. With the capacitive measuring principle, the sensor (measuring electrode) and the conductive measuring object act as an ideal capacitor of platform. If an alternating current with a constant frequency flows through the sensor capacitor, the amplitude of the alternating voltage on the sensor is proportional to the distance to the measuring object (earth electrode). However, a constant dielectric between sensor and object is required for a constant permittivity.

Stable measurement with triaxial design

Since capaNCDT sensors are designed as protective capacitors, almost ideal linearity is also achieved in practice. Capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used in industrial measurement tasks to detect a medium in the measurement gap from a constant distance or to measure the distance from a conductive target with a constant medium or dielectric.

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