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Metals Testing Services is an independently women-owned and operated company with over 20 years of experience working with leading gas companies.


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Metals Testing Services is an independently women-owned and operated company with over 20 years of experience working with leading gas companies. Using the most state-of-the-art technology and certified experts, we are able to meet the needs of a diversified portfolio of clients. With multiple regional offices, Metals is able to provide effective and efficient services to its clients, and the implementation of safety and quality programs ensures the highest level of service.


While you’re busy focusing on the countless moving parts of your project and crew, we’re here for your inspection needs. Our widely dispersed offices in PA, MT, OH, ID, TX, NM, OK and CO empower us to effectively and efficiently use our expert resources anywhere in the U.S. Our scheduling team of inspection experts are standing by to determine which testing method is best for your project and industry.

Products & Services

Our trained and certified Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) experts perform above client expectations. Inspections are always performed to code and are done in the most cost-effective manner to keep your project moving forward.

Radiographic Testing (RT)

Industrial radiography uses x-ray and gamma ray for volumetric inspection. Both methods are suitable for weld inspection in piping, pressure vessels, structural, and welder test coupons. They can also be used to verify the integrity of machines, parts, castings, forgings, plate metals, and pipe wall thickness or profiling.

Radiographic Testing Advantages

  • Provides a visual permanent record
  • Performed on many geometries and sizes
  • High indication sensitivity
  • Reliable track record across various industries
  • Reliable discontinuity characterization
  • Volumetric method

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic Testing uses sound energy to determine part thickness and inspect for flaws or discontinuities in base materials or for welding inspection. Ultrasonic Testing produces real-time results, leading to less costly downtime.

Ultrasonic Testing Advantages

  • Detects surface and subsurface discontinuities
  • Detects flaws and measures part thickness
  • Requires single-sided access
  • Real-time results
  • Provides detailed images with automated systems
  • Superior depth penetration

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic Particle Testing is a quick and accurate method that creates a magnetic field used in conjunction with iron particles. MT is used to inspect a variety of product forms, including castings, forgings, and weldments.

Magnetic Particle Testing Advantages

  • Detects surface and near subsurface indications.
  • Accurately inspects parts with irregular shapes.
  • Low-cost method
  • Small, portable equipment
  • Rapid test for different sizes and geometries


The Advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) experts at Metals Testing Services are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to keep your operation moving with minimal downtime and the highest-quality performance of inspection codes and standards.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing is the advanced method of conventional Ultrasonic Testing making the detection, location and characterization of defects more reliable and exact.

PAUT Advantages

  • Faster scanning speeds compared to Ultrasonic Testing
  • Multiview display provides easier flaw characterization
  • Improved detection of discontinuities compared to Ultrasonic Testing
  • Wide area coverage for full corrosion mapping, thickness monitoring and recording
  • More advanced welding inspection for defects
  • Data can digitally be saved and stored for future review
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Shear Wave Detection

Angle-beam testing, also referred to as shear wave, is a widespread method used to identify imperfections and examine newly constructed welds, structural steel welds, and in-service welds. This testing method uses sound waves that are generated at a specific angle to the weld to determine the presence of defects such as cracks or discontinuities.

Advantages of Shear Wave

  • Safe and eco-friendly design to ensure minimal harm to personnel and the environment
  • Real-time reporting to quickly provide results
  • Accurate detection and characterization of flaws, as well as precise sizing and locating of defects
  • Single-side accessibility for efficient inspections
  • Portability for convenient on-site use
  • Mobility for ease of transportation
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