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Metalogic Inspection Services

Metalogic is a turnkey inspection company specializing in the implementation of advanced technologies, focused on reducing our customer's RISK and COST.



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Incorporated in 2004, Metalogic is a turnkey inspection company specializing in the implementation of advanced technologies, focused on reducing our customer's RISK and COST. Corporate offices are located in Edmonton Alberta and Houston Texas, with  strategic offices throughout North America,as well as temporary projects around the world. 


Metalogic has achieved multiple industry firsts and received numerous client awards for inspection innovation in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries. We actively participate with our customers,code committees,regulatory groups and technology partners, to  ensure our customers are able to leverage the latest in inspection innovation. 


Metalogic’s ability to meet our customer’s requirements, while ensuring quality, consistent inspection regardless of location or technician is  based on 3 key pillars. 

1. The largest practical training facilities dedicated to advanced services such as PAUT, PEC, ECT etc.  

2. Metalogic’s innovative R&D team partnering with the best available OEM’s to simplify the inspection process. 

3. Industry leading inspection data analysis and automated quality reporting to ensure the highest level of accuracy and repeatability every time. 


Metalogic’s Operation & Technical teams work closely with our customer's engineering, quality and production teams to ensure their  inspection programs goal are clearly understood and optimized. While our competition focuses on labor and conventional inspection, Metalogic continues to innovative processes and technology to eliminate 1000’s of man hours on both maintenance and  new construction projects.  

Products & Services
Phased Array

Implementing MetaPhase™ weld inspection is the single largest impact you can make to your production schedule. Whether your industry is oil and gas process, power generation, or fabrication, MetaPhase™ will provide significant project-cost savings and increased weld quality. As a comprehensive technology and knowledge-driven program, MetaPhase™ combines patented phased array technology and software, rigorous in depth training, and meticulous procedures to provide the most efficient and consistent weld inspection available.


New Construction Welds


0.3mm (.130”) thick and upStructuralCorrosion
Weld clearances from 12 mm (.5”)Vessels/TanksH.I.C.
25.4 mm (1.0”) diameter and upPiping & PipelinesS.C.C.
Temperatures up to 600°F (315°C)TubularsFatigue Cracking

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Radiography Testing

Radiography Testing (RT) is used to perform inspections that detect internal discontinuities in all material types, and can be an option for both field and shop work. RT is predominantly used for weld inspection or the testing of castings and forgings using one of two source types, X-ray or Gamma ray (Isotope) radiation.

Radiography-TestingUsing radiography, the part is exposed to the source while a film is positioned behind the part to be inspected. The film is then developed and is reminiscent of a film negative. Based on the actual indications on the film and density differences a determination can be made regarding the size and orientation of imperfections within the material as well as the their location relative to the weld. We are then in a position to determine whether or not the defect passes or fails based on the accept/reject criteria within the codes.

Metalogic incorporates state of the art Computer radiography systems where requested by the client. This eliminates the need for chemicals and conventional film. We also offer digitization of film with our Digital Radiography service. Both systems eliminate the need for film storage due to the fact that all the information is stored in electronically and viewable on any computer.

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