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Mectron Inspection Engineering

Mectron Engineering Company, Inc., was founded in 1968 to design and manufacture quality control and handling systems utilizing eddy current and ultrasonic instrumentation.

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Mectron Engineering Company, Inc., was founded in 1968 to design and manufacture quality control and handling systems utilizing eddy current and ultrasonic instrumentation.

Today, Mectron offers its complete line of laser, eddy current, and thread inspection systems. Individual parts are scanned and measured as they pass through Mectron’s high-speed systems. Products are inspected for dimensions, diameters, lengths, foreign material, thread defects, part damage, metallurgical defects, hardness, cracks, etc.

Mectron Engineering’s product development team has been awarded several patents on laser and eddy current inspection systems. Recent developments have yielded a new state-of-the-art laser, which will bring part inspection to another level.

Products & Services
Fastner Inspection Machine

Mectron is your go-to provider for high-speed fastener inspection, offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art laser, digital eddy current, and vision inspection systems. Fastener inspection has become a standard practice for fasteners utilized in automated assembly lines and safety-critical components. Mectron's Inspection Systems play a pivotal role in enabling manufacturers to consistently deliver 100% inspected and certified parts, ensuring customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

Mectron employs a multitude of innovative methods meticulously designed to address the most critical aspects of male and female fastener applications. The Q-5000, for instance, harnesses Mectron's patented laser technology to conduct high-speed gauging and inspection across a wide spectrum of fasteners, irrespective of material composition. The Qualifier, equipped with MECTRON's patented laser array, offers a comprehensive 360° inspection of each fastener, displaying its dimensions on a user-friendly computer touch screen and automatically scrutinizing part features and measurements.

Notably, the Q-5000 is programmed to automatically reject any parts that fail to meet the customer's precise specifications, including deformed, bent, damaged, or thread-related defects like spirals, drunken threads, and roll-ups, as well as feature deviations and foreign material.

In addition to cutting-edge laser technology, Mectron leverages MI9000 Magnetic Imagery™, an advanced eddy current technique that delivers the most comprehensive real-time metallurgical inspection available in the market. This instrument generates a magnetic image of each part as it passes through the Qualifier, creating a distinct signature for each piece. This unique signature empowers the system to detect critical metallurgical defects such as cracks, material inconsistencies, conductive plating issues, and hardness discrepancies, all of which manifest as visual deviations in the displayed magnetic image. Operators can easily define acceptable limits using the touchscreen programming capabilities.

To further enhance the inspection capabilities, Mectron offers the option of integrating vision inspection with single or multiple CCD camera configurations into any Mectron System. This addition enables the detection of open burst cracks, recess inspection, and through-hole applications. The synergy of Mectron's 360° laser array, Magnetic Imagery™ eddy current technology, and advanced vision systems results in the most sophisticated inspection machine available in the market today.

Mectron sets the gold standard for fastener inspection, ensuring the highest quality and reliability for manufacturers and their customers.

Inspection & Sorting Services
At Mectron, we harness our cutting-edge technology to empower manufacturers like you with high-speed dimensional and metallurgical production sorting. Why leave anything to chance with manual or visual sorting when you can rely on the industry's leading laser and digital eddy current technology? From bolts, screws, and cylindrical parts to precision components that have undergone screw machining, heat treatment, or plating, we've got your inspection needs covered.

Mectron goes the extra mile to ensure the quality and integrity of your products. Our machines excel at sorting for foreign materials, spotting dimensional irregularities, detecting radial part damage, measuring overall length, and identifying metallurgical defects – all with incredible efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our versatile machines aren't limited to just one application; they can handle a wide range of tasks, including fastener sorting, casing sorting, dimensional sorting for various components, bullet sorting, and much more. Mectron's technology is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. With Mectron by your side, you're not just getting advanced machinery; you're getting a trusted partner dedicated to your success.
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