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Mareflex GmbH

Mareflex GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of safety tapes and sealing products, established in 2006 to develop innovative solutions for the marine, offshore and oil & gas industries.



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Mareflex GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of safety tapes and sealing products, established in 2006 to develop innovative solutions for the marine, offshore and oil & gas industries.

Mareflex's flagship products are anti-splashing tapes, with their focus centred on continually improving their performance.

The first product they developed was MF01 Antispray Tape, dedicated to standard 15-bar installations.

In 2011, as the first company in the world, they introduced anti-splashing tapes with a higher pressure resistance of up to 50 bars. The new MF02 Antispray Tape was an upgraded version of MF01, custom-designed per the customer’s requirement.

Products & Services
MF01 & MF02 Antispray Tapes

Advanced and certified anti-splashing tapes help to control oil spraying and leakages by the latest IMO SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2009, Chapter II-2 / Regulation 4, item 2.2.

General description

The Mareflex MF01 and MF02 anti-splash tapes were designed to prevent pipeline installations from oil sprays by the latest SOLAS Consolidate Edition 2004 Regulation II-2/ Specially constructed to withstand high temperatures and high pressure, they serve as protection against uncontrolled spraying of flammable liquids onto hot surfaces, which might be a cause of fire or explosion. 

Antispray tapes are applied around pipe flanges and fittings to direct any potential leakage away from the possible areas of ignition. They are equipped with a flame-retardant (self-extinguishing) adhesive layer to enhance safety standards even further. The adhesive layer is very strong and resistant to high temperatures.

The structure of Antispray Tapes

MF01 and MF02 are produced of the highest quality materials selected to ensure the best possible protection against high pressure and high temperatures while maintaining the elasticity necessary for a quick and easy installation. 

MF03 & MF04 Antispray Tapes

MF03 and MF04 are new-generation Antispray Tapes designed to protect pipeline installations against oil spraying and leakages by the latest SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2001, Regulation II-2/

General description

The MF03 and MF04 upgraded versions of well-recognised MF01 and MF02 Antispray Tapes offer significant improvements in performance, with the ability to withstand even higher pressure, up to 25 bars and 55 bars, respectively. The MF04 is an ultra-strong solution for the most demanding applications in the marine, offshore, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

The function of Mareflex anti-splashing tapes is to transform a mist of flammable substances into a liquid and allow it to drip away in order to eliminate the risk of flammable mist combustion. Leaks or sprays of pressurized fluids, such as hydraulic fluid, lube oil or fuel oils, onto hot surfaces are the potential sources of ignition.

MF10 NDT Inspection Point Labels

General description

Inspection Point Labels are designed to identify inspection locations on non-insulated pipes and equipment to monitor their structural integrity and to detect surface and subsurface defects.

NDT Labels are used in Process Safety Management in industries that require NDT and have formalised processes for its use, including oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, maritime, food processing and transportation sectors. Some non-destructive labels are equipped with the text field to record data, additionally secured with a clear laminate to seal written information. Each label is resistant to chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol, detergents, engine oils and moisture.

Application guidelines

The minimum temperature for NDT Labels application is + 15°C.

To obtain the best bonding conditions, the application surface must be clean, dry and at room temperature or slightly above. Any loose dirt, grease, or corrosion should be removed with isopropyl alcohol or heptane before the application.

The adhesive is a high-performance acrylic for strong bonding also on rough surfaces.

The initial bond is achieved through a rub-down pressure. The higher the pressure, the stronger the adhesive bond. The acrylic adhesive takes 48-72 hours to reach 90% of the final bond strength and two weeks to achieve 100% bond strength.

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