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Major NDT Consulting, LLC.

Major NDT Consulting, LLC. was founded by experienced technicians to deliver high quality application training and consulting services to the NDT Industry.

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Major NDT Consulting, LLC has over 22 years of experience in NDT service delivery and consulting services. Glenn graduated from Louisiana Technical College in 2001 from the Nondestructive Testing Program. He currently holds ASNT NDT Level III certifications in 5 methods including UT, RT, MT, PT, & VT. Glenn also holds Level II & III certifications in RT, UT, & PAUT from the British Institute of Nondestructive Testing. Glenn has been an AWS CWI for 15 years and has held all API Ultrasonic Testing Qualifications for many years. Glenn has held positions from Operations Manager to Corporate NDT Level III to Quality Director and Vice President at one point or another during his career making him one of the most knowledgeable mentors and instructors in the business. 

Products & Services
Quality Consulting Services

Quality Management System Development

Quality Management Systems are the backbone of any successful project. We can create, implement, and maintain your Quality Management System to meet the needs of your business.

ISO 9001 Certification Representative

We are experienced in helping businesses achieve ISO 9001 certification. We will help you develop a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, and we will act as an independent auditor during the certification assessment process.

Internal and External Audits

Internal audits are designed to verify that processes are being followed according to established procedures. External audits are performed by a third party who reviews your internal processes, making sure they align with industry best practices.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is performed when there is a need to identify gaps between current performance and desired performance levels within a specific area (e.g., employee training). Gap analysis helps identify areas where improvement is needed so that resources can be allocated accordingly.

NDT Consulting Services

NDT Classroom Training

Major NDT aims to provide best in class NDT Classroom training preparing our customers to meet and achieve their career growth goals. Our curriculums are ASNT CP 105 based and our hands-on portion of class leaves students with the ability to be the most effective trainees when they get to the field.

NDT Procedures

Current, code compliant NDT work instructions can be difficult to generate and a challenge to keep evergreen. MajorNDT can develop these documents based on your business requirements by ASNT Certified Level IIIs.

NDT Written Practice

MajorNDT specializes in written practice preparation for Military Standards, ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A, ASNT CP189, and NAS 410

NDT Certification and Qualification Process

MajorNDT has experienced Level III NDT SMEs that have many years of helping NDT Startups with creating, proctoring, and archiving their NDT Certification Programs across the country. Get with us for more information about starting your NDT Certification Program.

NDT Project Staffing

Major NDT has trained some of the best and brightest service providers in the O&G business. We have established a rolodex of top candidates for NDT and inspection opportunities. Give us a call if we can help you staff your next outage with ISQ and ADV UT personnel.

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