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Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt Ltd

MAHADYUTA TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED (MTSPL) aims at improving Industrial Reliability through Advance Condition Monitoring Products and Services.

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Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MTSPL) is into Sales & Services of various products used for industrial condition monitoring, automation and energy saving. MTSPL is the authorized channel partner/ distributor of SONOTEC, Germany for its entire range of products in Preventive Maintenance Division and has distribution rights from SONOTEC, Germany for India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is also provides chemical less anti-scaling and de-scaling devices for industrial Cooling Tower Systems, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, HVACs etc.

Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also provides customized automation sensors and other associated devices as per the application.

Products & Services

Regular inspection of equipment is essential for preventative maintenance. With our Condition Monitoring and Energy Saving Services, we aim at optimizing industrial reliability by improving the machinery / equipment uptime. Our services contribute into the Predictive Maintenance plan and help the Maintenance Department (Mechanical / Electrical) stay focused to avoid loss of production because of unpredicted failures of machinery / equipment. Our services are also very effective in detecting the sources of direct energy losses in the form of leakages in Compressed Air/ Gas/ Valve/ Steam systems etc. We also specialize in Underground water leak detection services.

These proficient services are performed with sophisticated portable detection devices and advance data analysis software. With an intent to be accurate in our predictions, we adopt our unique 'Integrated Technology Application' approach to assess the condition of machineries / equipment. 'Integrated Technology Application' make use of Ultrasound Detection Technology, Vibration Analysis Techniques and Thermography Technology simultaneously as pragmatically applicable.'

Energy Optimization Services

  • Compressed Air/Gas/Steam/Vacuum Leak Detection

Any form of leak in an industrial system is a direct loss to pocket. It is generally estimated that a considerable energy saving of 35% can be achieved if regular inspection of compressed air system is undertaken in an industrial facility. Some manufacturing process use precious gases like, Nitrogen, Oxygen etc. and leakages in these gas systems increases the cost of production. Regular ultrasonic inspections and preventative maintenance can help in minimizing these losses.

Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in such compressed air/ gas leak detection, pinpointing the source of leak, quantification of the loss and calculation of the monitory loss at the end. We submit detailed report so that the maintenance department gets a clear way ahead for improving the operational reliability and cost saving.

  • Underground Gas/Oil/Water Leak Detection

Underground leakages in pressurized water lines and Gas lines are very difficult to detect. Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in underground water / Gas loss detection without exposing the underground pipeline. With the help of our integrated Advance Engineering Technology application we are capable of localizing the source of leakage and also quantify the loss.

  • Ultrasonic Tightness Testing 

This service is highly appreciated for vacuum leak detection and for tightness testing in various industries for fast and reliable  detection of leaks and seal failures around windows, doors, cabins, hatch covers, vehicles and containers with sealing surfaces or rubber profile seals is imperative. In addition this service can also be used in the ship and boat building industry and for testing fire safety doors, climatic chambers and clean rooms.

  • Steam Trap Audit/Valve Pass Audits

The regular inspection of valves and steam traps is essential for preventive maintenance. The early detection of steam trap leaks or fails and signs of wear leads to increased operational reliability, and considerable cost savings. The functionality of steam traps and valves is tested by analyzing the typical ultrasound and temperature of the respective installation. We are specialized in testing of the functionality of any type of steam trap e.g. for float, thermodynamic and thermostatic traps or for valves in systems with a flow of steam. We are also capable of estimation of any losses of steam within the system. A regular condition based monitoring of bearings is essential for a successful preventative maintenance. The early detection of damages or signs of wear in friction and non-friction bearings leads to  prevent downtime, increased operational reliability and considerable cost savings.

Condition Monitoring Services

  • Electrical Asset Condition Montoring

The early detection of electrical partial discharges like corona, tracking or arcing leads to increased operational reliability, considerable cost savings and safety. Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. use reliable Ultrasound technology to detect such partial discharges from a safe distance of 25 meters. The results of this test is further substantiated with the help of Thermography for effective assessment.

This service is very useful for testing the following electrical Equipment:

a) High Voltage Transformers

b) Current /Potential Transformers

c) Surge Resisters/ Lightening Arresters

d) Insulation Discs

e) Transmission Lines

f) Switch Gears & Electrical Panels

g) All other Electrical Equipment

  • Infrared Thermography Checks

Thermography checks are an effective procedure to pin point hot spots in any electrical component. It is also effective in determining the condition of abnormally heating bearings of rotary machines. Apart from these there are numerous applications of this technology in industrial facilities. We are proficient in proving Thermography services.

  • Monitoring of Bearing and Lubrication

Regular monitoring of bearing and it's lubrication is essential to avoid failures. We use both Ultrasound detection technology and Vibration analysis techniques to determine the condition of bearings. Any abnormality occurring in bearings produces ultrasound at its early stage. An early detection makes the reversal of bearing possible. We record the ultrasound electronically for analysis with the help of our sophisticated software to assess the condition of the bearing and lubrication pattern.

  • Vibration Analysis and Noise Monitoring

We conduct vibration analysis of machineries to understand its root cause. This is done with the help of Ultrasound detection technology and Vibration measurement. The combined FFT software analysis is done at component level to determine the exact cause of machinery vibration.

  • Windrock Intergrated Condition Monitoring for Diesels

Windrock analysis technology id pioneer in assessing the mechanical condition and performance of reciprocating compressors and engines, as well as rotating equipment. It provides early warnings of potentially catastrophic running conditions and gives actionable economic data to support maintenance and operational decision-making. It provides us insights into various possible failure modes ahead of time with an aim to reduce the maintenance costs.

Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. use Windrock technology to provide condition monitoring services to Marine Diesels through its partner company (Greensails, Singapore).

Chemical Less Anti-Scaling & De-Scaling Devices

Chemical Less Anti-Scaling & De-Scaling Devices, designed and Manufactured in 316L STAILNESS STEEL OF 16 GUAGE(FOOD GRADE STEEL, TOP QUALITY) with different size of diameters, suitable for fixing as a fixture for existing pipelines. This device completely prevents the formation of scales in downstream water systems.

It also initiates and expedites the removal of existing scale/algae. It does all these functions WITHOUT using CHEMICALS, SALTS, MEMBRANES OR FILTERS. It is 100% eco-friendly green product with bare minimum maintenance. It processes all the water passing through it, thus utilizing the available water to the best possible extent.

Ultra Sound Testing Devices


The digital ultrasonic testing device, SONAPHONE combines innovative sensors and software for preventive maintenance that can be operated intuitively and paves the way for new processes for new applications.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • New applications through new processes
  • User-friendly interface speeds up your inspection process
  • Record ultrasonic frequencies from 20  to 100 kHz
  • Store  test data and spectrograms
  • Add photographs, voice memos and comments to the measuring point
  • Create test reports with a few clicks
  • Minimize downtimes and increase operational safety
  • Improve energy efficiency

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With the SONAPHONE Pocket you identify problems even before they arise and create value at all levels of your company. Just by detecting and eliminating leaks you can reduce the energy costs for your compressed air system up to 30 percent. This also has positive effects on your operational safety and system productivity through early warning of bearing failure and evidence of partial electrical discharges.

The compact testing device is designed to fit in any pocket. However, its robust construction means it is also appropriate for harsh industrial environments.

The SONAPHONE Pocket is supplemented by extensive accessories in the form of airborne and structure-borne sound probes. You will receive the appropriate probe for your application from our product range, which you can attach to the device with just one simple movement.

You do not need much time or expensive training in order to perform the test procedure. The testing device makes the ultrasonic signals audible and shows them on a digital display at the same time. The SONAPHONE Pocket – easy to handle and very effective.


  • Find leaks and save energy
  • Early warning of bearing failure
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Extensive accessories for a wide range of applications

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