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LINGTEC Instruments Sdn Bhd

Our vision is to be the leading innovative test solution that provides value to a targeted market.

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LINGTEC Instruments Sdn Bhd is formed to offer Industries of Aerospace, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Power & Generation, Shipbuilding, Heavy Metal, Electronics, Educational & Skill Training Centres & other end users a very competitive range of testing instruments at the right place.

We are authorized as the distributor from principals in Europe, the USA & some Asian countries.

Our products include testing equipment for Radiography (RT), Ultrasonic (RT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Eddy Current (ET), Penetrant (PT), Acoustic Emission (AE), Infrared Thermography (IT), Vibration Analyzer, Vibration Shaker, Drop Test, Shock Test, Environment Chamber, Oven, Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Impact Inclined Tester, Gauges & also consumables.

​We are also providing after sales service support as well as repairing, calibration and conduct preventive maintenance of the instruments.

Products & Services
Non Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the branch of engineering that deals with all methods of detecting and evaluating flaws in materials without affecting the usefulness in future.

NDTs can be used without destroying or damaging products or materials. As it enables inspection without interrupting the end use of the product, the NDT provides an excellent balance of quality control and cost effectiveness.

NDT can and should be used in any phase of the product design and manufacturing process, including material selection, research and development, quality assurance and production.

The main types of NDT that we cover such as;

Material Testing

In Material Testing, tests are carried out to the specimen’s failure, in order to understand a specimen’s performance or material behaviour under different loads. These tests are generally much easier to carry out, yield more information, and are easier to interpret than Non Destructive Testing.

Material testing is most suitable, and economic, for objects which will be mass-produced, as the cost of destroying a small number of specimens is negligible.

Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

This series Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine is used for the compression test for building materials such as brick, cement, concrete specimen, and components.

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Impact Testing Machine

We offer two type of Impact Testing:

  1. Metallic Pendulum Impact Testing Machine
  2. Non-metallic Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

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Universal Testing Machine

We offer 3 kinds of UTM:

  1. Electromechanical UTM
  2. Hydraulic Servo UTM
  3. Single Column Computer Electromechanical UTM


Reliability Test

Reliability testing is performed to examine the response of a device under test (DUT) to a defined vibration environment. The measured response may be fatigue life, resonant frequencies or squeak and rattle sound output (NVH).


  • OROS Noise & Vibration Analyzer

OROS 3-Series instruments are multichannel FFT analyzer, dynamic signal analyzer, FFT spectrum analyzer and portable vibration analyzer.

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  • OROS Noise & Vibration Software Platform

NVGate, the software platform is the cornerstone for all measurement tasks. It hosts the suite of OROS software modules. Whatever the application and software module, it allows you working in a coherent and continuous environment. 

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  • Vibration Test System

Vibration tests are essential for evaluating product’s safety and reliability against vibration. Vibration Test Systems can perform wide range of vibration tests used for automotive parts, electronics parts, electrical equipment, aerospace parts, medical equipment, and perform transportation environment vibration test. Vibration Test System consists of a vibration generator, vibration controller, power amplifier, vibration table and etc. It can perform vibration test such as sine, random, shock vibration tests.

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  • Shock & Vibration Data Logger

Portable Shock and Vibration Data Loggers or data recorders are important tools for measuring dynamic and climatic conditions in transportation, manufacturing and in-use environments.

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  • Drop Test System

The Package Drop Test Machine is mainly used for the drop impact assessment of packages, that encountered in the real condition during transportation, loading and unloading. Package Drop Test simulates actual shocks by dropping the package and its content freely against a rigid plane surface from a predetermined height to evaluate its damage degree. The products inside the packaging respond to both the frequency and amplitude characteristics of the shock.  By doing pre-shipment drop testing, it can help in designing a protective and cost-effective packaging solutions.

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  • Shock Test System

Shock test system measures the strength, continuous impact resistance, and fragility of the specimen. For the shock testing, we can evaluate how the products respond to specific shock inputs. From the results, we can study the capability of products withstand its real environment shock. Shock testing is usually performing the shock resistance of electronics products such as computer parts, mobile devices and etc.

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  • Compression Test System

Our compression test systems are complying with industry package testing specifications accordance to international standards ASTM, ISTA, ISO and MIL-STD. When the packaged products are stacked together during stack storage in warehouse or during transit for long periods of time, it encounters static compression hazards.

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  • Inclined Impact Test System

Our Inclined Impact Testers with innovative design features, and complying with industry package testing specifications accordance to international standards ASTM, ISTA, ISO and MIL-STD. During transportation, large packages such as pallet loads will come across some bumps, our inclined impact testers are important for testing the large packed products capability to withstands the types of impact occurred in the environment.

For further information on inclined impact test system application, please do contact us at 603-33590375 or email at 

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