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LangryNDT is committed to providing customers with R&D, production, operation and maintenance support for engineering quality inspection, products control, and integrated solutions of engineering quality cloud platform management system.

We always adhere to "scientific and technological innovation" to build enterprise brand and core competitiveness, and attach importance to independent R&D and innovation of product technology.
LangryNDT has developed more than 40 non-destructive testing instruments. Main products include rebound test hammer, rebar scanner, pull off tester and anchor bolt pull out tester. LangryNDT serves all kinds of road and bridge engineering and construction projects, and has been widely trusted and supported by national testing agencies, engineering quality testing companies and supervisors.
At present, LangryNDT has more than 100 employees, including 30 senior professional technicians, and more than 30 sets of automatic CNC equipment. We have invested in the construction of an industrial park with an operating area of nearly 7,000 square meters. We have rebound test hammer series products and sonic products, electromagnetic products and hydraulic products and our products are exported to more than 60 countries, and our customers are located in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other continents.
We will adhere to the attitude of serious and responsible customers, continue to strictly control the quality of products, increase investment in production and development, and deeply cultivate the research and development of integrated solutions for the main structure testing. 

Products & Services
rebar scanner

LR-G200 Integrated Rebar Scanner 

It is mainly used to detect the position, distribution and direction of rebar,

Thickness of concrete cover and estimation diameter of rebar in reinforced concrete structures. 


DIN 488  

ASTM A 615/A 615M-01b  


GB 50012-2002


1.The instrument sensor is of integrated structure in small size, thus permitting easy operation.

 2. Carry out testing with combination of high-power transmitting coil and multiple small coil to ensure higher accuracy and resolution.

3. Perform displacement scanning and rebar distance measurement at a higher accuracy level with use of high-accuracy grating sensor.

4. Provide different types of scanning to suit the different measurement cases.

5. Permit large and small-range testing, with the scanning distance up to 65m max. Perform data testing in a flexible way. The instrument itself allows storage of max. 4000 components.

 6. Permit correction of multiple stirrup so as to obtain more accurate testing results.

 7. Furthermore, the USB wire data transmission and Bluetooth wireless data transmission are allowed so that the quick data uploading is possible.

 8. Use 3.265K color LCD screen to yield the higher resolution and better display, plus the capacitive touch screen, thus facilitating the man-machine interaction.


The rebar detection data analysis software is a multi-function analysis software developed by Langry NDT for processing the rebar detection data.

The software can run in XP/win7/win10/win11 OS, presenting a friendly interface and easy operation, which is specifically designed for project detection staff

1. It is easy to import the rebar scanner data into the computer with the use of the software to facilitate further analysis and archive.

2. Conduct management on all component information as well as the detection data at each measuring point.

3. Conduct analysis and evaluation of detection data according to the construction quality acceptance criteria.

4. Display the component data in a graphic way.

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