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We build state of art NDT instruments with a focus on usability and delivering value for money.

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KappaWave was founded in 2015 by senior NDT professionals who have been very active in the development of technology, applications and training of professionals in India and abroad.

Our objective is to build and deliver highly advanced, easy to use and affordable Ultrasonic Testing instruments meeting international standards for quality.

Founder, Primary Design Engineer
ASNT Level III in ET and RT. Former Level III in UT. Extensive experience in Inspection and Nondestructive testing, design and installation of Test systems. Started his career with Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPC) and later worked in senior roles in places like Iran, Mumbai and other Middle East Countries. Founded the company NDTTech in Kerala and has since trained over a thousand men in NDT and other inspection techniques. Qualified ISO Lead Assessor, also have various qualifications in Radiation Safety. Has offered training to Govt and Pvt sector engineers as early as 1979. An experienced computer programmer, has also been actively involved with the design of Automated Test Systems in Eddy Current and Ultrasonics.

Technical Lead
ASNT Level III in UT, MT and PT. Experience with testing of components for a variety of industries. Started his career with X-Ray Engineering Company India Ltd, Mumbai. Being in the service industry, had an opportunity to work with a variety of industries in NDT and Inspection. Later worked for an oil and gas company in the Arabia for several years. Joined NDTTech Ltd in 1998 and was involved with training of personnel in select NDT methods since. Carries other qualifications in Welding Inspection, Lead assessor and have undergone special training programs with Krautkramer in UT and Eurosonic in ToFD.

Consultant, R & D
Dr. K. Mathew received his B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) degree from KVG College Of Engineering (Mangalore University) in 1994. Later on he did his M.Tech. (CEDT – Electronic Design) in 2006 and Ph.D. (CEDT) in 2013 both from the Indian Institute of Science respectively. His thesis title for M.Tech. was “Multiphase Bidirectional Flyback Converter Topology for Hybrid Electric Vehicles” and thesis title for Ph.D. was “Induction Motor Drives Based on Multilevel Dodecagonal and Octadecagonal Voltage Space Vectors”. He is currently HOD at Mar Athanasius College Of Engineering (MACE), Kothamangalam, Kerala. His research interests include embedded systems, power electronics, and electro-mechanic systems.

Senior Design Engineer
Basil Joseph is a graduate engineer (Bachelor of Technology Electronics and communication) from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala . He also holds qualifications in VLSI Design and Verification from Sandeepani School of VLSI & Embedded System Design, Bangalore. Started his career with NDT Technology and was involved in designing of test systems for various applications. A young, talented and hard working engineer who has considerable experience in design, and related programming.

Products & Services
K1 Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

K1 series flaw detectors offer state-of-the-art testing capabilities and come with an easy to use touchscreen interface in addition to an advanced report generation desktop software to record your test results. These instruments are sturdy, durable and designed for long hours of comfortable testing and inspection work.

  • Available in 2 variants. K1 & K1A
  • Large, high visibility touchscreen
  • Advanced user interface with gate movements, range & amplitude controls
  • Easy to set up DAC and TCG
  • 8 GB internal memory that allows you to store thousands of test results
  • Easy computer connectivity to transfer test result data
  • Comes with desktop software that can be used to create customized reports based on stored test results
K8 Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

K8 flaw detectors are lightweight and sturdy and are just as versatile and easy to use as the K1 series. Featuring a compact touchscreen, the K8 series flaw detectors are extremely portable making them suitable for a wide variety of testing scenarios.

  • Available in 3 variants, K8, K8E & K8A
  • Compact, high visibility touch screen
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Advanced user interface with gate movements, range & amplitude controls
  • Easy to set up DAC and TCG
  • 8 GB internal memory to store several thousands of test results
  • Computer connectivity and advanced desktop reporting software
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