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JME Ltd Designs and Manufactures X-Ray equipment for Non-Destructive Testing and Security industries. Including JME's CR2 range of Pipeline Crawlers, Portable X-Ray Betatron, X-Ray tubes and Digital Radiography Solutions.

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United Kingdom

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JME is regarded across the globe as the market leader for the development and manufacture of high quality inspection systems. JME are very proud to have supplied the industry over the past 35 years, with a client base that is growing by the day.

Innovation, Quality, Service and Commitment to the industry are JME’s objectives, over the past 35 years this is what JME has built its reputation on. JME as a company thrives on customer satisfaction, which explains why the majority of our customers today, were customers 35 years ago.

We manufacture the world renowned JME Pipeline Crawler inspection system, Betatron Portable X-Ray systems and Digital X-Ray inspection systems, we also manufacture bespoke systems from design to completion, all from our facility in the U.K. JME provides back up support for all of its products, with a maintenance and spares service that is second to none. The products that JME manufacture are recognised around the world, in all industries, as the premium brand. JME remains far ahead of our competition for reliability, innovation and customer care.

Products & Services
JME CR2 Pipeline Crawlers

JME Advanced Inspection Systems has a reputation as the market leader for the design and manufacture of high quality inspection systems, this includes our range of Pipeline Crawlers used by the ‘Non-Destructive Testing’ industry. For over 35 years, JME Pipelines Crawlers have been continually improved and updated to produce panoramic radiographs of the highest quality. Our range of systems are designed to inspect circumferential butt welds in new pipelines, such as oil and gas transmission pipelines, from 6” to 72” (15.24cm to 183cm). As a self-contained and self-powered exposure vehicle, they are ideal for a vast range of NDT applications both on and off shore.

JME Pipeline Crawlers are constructed using high grade materials to provide superior corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and an extended service life. Electronic circuits utilise microprocessor control allowing future software updates to be applied. They are constructed using military specification components to ensure reliability in harsh environments.

Our systems are unique within the industry, supporting X-Ray tubes from various manufactures including ICM, Yxlon/Comet, CXT and Balteau. JME also offer GAMMA projector integration onto the 10:CR2 pipeline crawler. We are pleased to be able to offer both the SENTINEL DELTA 880 and Oserix Dual 120 Gamma options to this device, making JME’s range the most versatile pipeline crawler systems in the world*.

JME Crawlers utilise a magnetic control, Non-Isotope system, which is designed to replace the conventional isotope control system. There are no trailing leads and all commands are executed from outside the pipeline via magnetic transmitter (Magnetope). The units can be commanded to travel, stop and radiograph as required.

The position and direction can be monitored by mounting a low activity tracker isotope onto the crawler, or by using the non-isotope tracking system. The non-isotope tracking system is designed to comply with increasing restrictions for the transportation and use of low level isotopes.

Over the past 35 years, JME has built its reputation on innovation, quality, service, and commitment to our clients. As a company, JME thrives on customer satisfaction, which is why many of our customers have been using our services for nearly 35 years.

JME Portable X-Ray Betatron Range

JME Portable X-Ray Betatron systems are a range of compact circular electron accelerators producing a high energy directional X-Ray beam. The Betatron systems are easy to assemble, operate and maintain. They contain no moving parts or cooling liquids so maintenance required on the systems is minimal. They are capable of producing radiographs of very high contrast, sensitivity and resolution allowing operators to meet the tightest inspection standard.

JME offer 4 systems within the Betatron range each with a different maximum energy, the outputs are 2.5, 6, 7.5 and 9MeV. The energy output on all systems is variable from 2Mev through to the maximum energy and adjustments can be made in 0.1MeV increments. The systems offer cost savings and a greater degree of portability when compared with systems such as linear accelerators (Linacs) which are much larger, non-portable, and can cost up to 10 times the price of a JME Betatron. This allows us to provide greater flexibility and a wider range of inspections for a fraction of the cost.

JME has the capability to design and develop bespoke Betatron systems based on customer requirements.

JME Bespoke Digital Radiography Projects

JME have a multiskilled in-house design department consisting of mechanical, electrical and software design engineers. They are supported by a large workforce of production staff, including electrical and mechanical technicians, machinists and operators. Using this resource, we are able to offer a complete design and build service for prototypes or one-off concepts, and ongoing production equipment.

JME has worked with some of the world’s largest multinational companies, fulfilling unique requirements within a range of industry sectors. These companies include B.P., Oceaneering, Global Marine and Birds Eye.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, the design and build services we supply are controlled by strict quality procedures. This ensures that your project is constructed to the highest standard, which not only meets your design brief, but also complies with all specified legal requirements.


We have extensive experience with the following Radiographic techniques:

  • Wet Film
  • Computed Radiography (CR)
  • Digital Radiography (DR)

We have worked with – and can supply – a variety of X-Ray sources, ranging from 35kV to 9MeV, giving you the ability to examine almost any object, material and scale.

With over 35 years in the industry, we have built long-standing relationships with many supply partners, enabling us to source high-quality components at very competitive rates, ensuring any budgetary requirements are adhered to.

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