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JIREH specializes in the design and manufacture of robotic scanning technology. Our precision products perform non-destructive testing on pipes, vessels, wind towers and other components within the oil, gas and renewable energy industries. Visit to see our extensive product lineup.


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Get the best in robotic inspection and maintenance technology with JIREH! Our reliable, high-precision robotics are designed to perform non-destructive testing on components within the oil, gas and renewable energy industries. With locations worldwide, our products are built to last and are backed by our expert customer service team. Get the best in scanning technology today at! With locations in Houston, Texas, Edmonton, Canada and Rotterdam, Netherlands, we provide equipment to clients in over 76 countries. These partnerships have allowed us to refine and innovate our product line to become an industry leader.

Products & Services
NAVIC - Steerable Automated Scanning

The NAVIC comes ready to use right out of the box, but extra add-ons can take your scanning experience to the next level. Clients often overlook essential add-ons until they feel something is missing during their next inspection. Visit our website to learn which cutting-edge add-ons can improve your time with the NAVIC.

Perform state-of-the-art inspection with the industry’s leading magnetic crawler and enjoy remote steering with the touchscreen controller. Every aspect of the NAVIC’s design sets a higher standard for automated NDT inspection. Various components expand the system’s capabilities, allowing for automatic weld tracking, nozzle inspection, automated corrosion mapping and thickness scanning on tanks and vessels. Low-profile and capable of operation on pipes as small as 2.75 in, the NAVIC is the optimal choice for corrosion and weld inspection on ferrous surfaces.

ROTIX - Non-Ferrous Inspection

The ROTIX - Manual Chain Scanners are specifically designed to provide accurate encoded probe positions around piping. These scanners are commonly utilized for circumferential weld inspection and semi-automated ultrasonic corrosion mapping on non-ferrous inspection surfaces. With the ROTIX, you can be confident in its complete configuration, ensuring optimal performance and precise results for your inspection needs.

STIX - Magnetic Scanners

The STIX - Modular Magnetic Scanners offer a versatile solution for creating custom scanners to suit various inspection requirements. This system features a modular probe holding system that allows for easy assembly of different probe configurations. By utilizing interchangeable "building blocks," you can tailor the scanner to your specific needs. Whether it's for weld inspection, corrosion mapping, or any other type of inspection, the STIX provides the flexibility and adaptability you need for accurate and efficient results.

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