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JetSoft Ltd

JetSoft is a company dedicated to improving the accessibility and efficiency of NDT information.


United Kingdom

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JetSoft is a company dedicated to improving the accessibility and efficiency of NDT information.

Our products are focused on helping companies to manage their NDT data, a resource which is often poorly utilised and undervalued.

The scalable solutions can help with anything from indexing and searching NDT files based on meta-data to supplying NDT information to refine manufacturing processes.

NDT information contains valuable quality data that not only indicates the state of a single product, but used as a whole can indicate the health of the manufacturing environment. JetSoft can help companies to pinpoint how changes in manufacturing processes are affecting their productivity.

JetSoft uses modern techniques for data storage and ‘big data’ evaluations to help companies squeeze the most out of their test data.

Our unique position as an independent company, (JetSoft does not manufacture test equipment) allows us to work with OEMs without a conflict of interest.

For more information on how we can help you, please get in contact

Products & Services

JetSoft’s OverSeer solution is a specialist NDT Data hub that enables users to get complete control of their NDT data.

The database driven software provides the ability to catalogue large quantities of NDT information. This leads to the capability to isolate files or groups of files based on any number of criteria such as: file name, operator or scan setup.

OverSeer is built around the DICONDE format, but as JetSoft does not manufacture test equipment, we are completely independent and unique in our ability to work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to support many formats and techniques.

OverSeer’s easy to use software allows customers to gain clear insights in to their NDT processes, allowing the user to quickly display powerful live information such as product stream yield or machine utilisation rates.

Benefits and Features

  • A  turnkey solution that sits above the current NDT processes
  • Installation without any disruption or impact to the underlying captured data
  • Built with a database structured around the ASTM standard DICONDE format
  • Server based with a web user interface; registered users are able to connect from any computer
  • Sits on an on premises server, ensuring data security

  • Designed and developed to be intuitive and a joy to use
  • Filter, find and isolate inspections based on numerous criteria
  • Overseer’s central repository reduces time, complexity and risk associated with manual backup procedures
  • Provide details from the NDT process to facilitate the calculation of rolled throughput yields (RTY)
  • Uniquely compatible with multiple vendors, understands proprietary data across multiple inspection techniques
  • One click downloadable PDF and Word format reports available for any component with bespoke formatting

Business Intelligence

OverSeer also includes, Business Intelligence and SPC functionality. Users can use the interactive dashboards that collate historic and real-time NDT information.

Examples include:

  • A dashboard that highlights the pass rate over time. Can be used to prove off upstream changes
  • A line graph displaying the throughput for a specific machine. Provides easy comparisons of different equipment
  • A chart demonstrating the comparative success rates of reworking for different product streams

Roadmap to installation

  • Request a demonstration of OverSeer
  • Consultation to assess your current data environment.
  • Proposal
  • JetSoft then builds a tailored system designed for you, to deliver maximum benefit
  • Onsite installation, configuration and training
  • Put your NDT files on the server, OverSeer will do the rest.

Digitising operations simply​​

DigiOps is an enterprise software solution for digitising operations.  

DigiOps puts the power into your hands, enabling administrators to create digital templates, which are completed by users.

Users can create jobs which are collections of work items, track progress through facility, produce reports, view and analyse data.

DigiOps templates are much more than documents, but interactive entities that can include, expiry dates, perform data validation and have attachments and links to other entities.

In it’s simplest form DigiOps replicates and replaces paper based systems, but with enhanced features, that maximise the potential of digitisation.

Originally designed for managing inspection process management DigiOps has expanded and can now be used across shop floor operations, to give clear insight, aid management and increase efficiency.

DigiOps is deployed on premises for ultimate data security, and users interact with the system via a web browser meaning zero install, reducing the demands on IT departments

DigiOps is built on the OverSeer framework and so comes with built in business intelligence, through interactive visualisations and simple filtering systems. Alternatively, users can connect their own business intelligent solutions (e.g. Power BI) to the OverSeer SQL database. This provides improved communication for all stakeholders and the ability to gain better insight into process, enabling smart continuous improvement. 

Benefits and features

​Reduce administrative burden on key personnel, for increased productivity: 

  • Adminstrators can easily create and revise form templates and push them to the shop floor
  • Users complete forms digitally from any networked location and share these with colleagues.
  • Satisfy auditors with instant access to documents and audit trail of active forms.
  • Seamless integration, mirroring current working practices by downloading to PDF or DOCX for printing.
  • Automatic report compilation

​Maximise Digitisation:

  • Completed forms can have expiry dates, require attachments, be associated with a location, either on a component, asset or geographic. Reducing the time spent compiling information and providing tools to collect richer data.
  • Admin users can manage dropdowns options, revise forms and set validation centrally and push out to users instantly. Speeding up communication between all stakeholders.
  • Time spent managing data is reduced as data is stored in a database, making it easy to search and find forms on any criteria.
  • Collecting data into a database makes it easy to perform analysis and gain insight into operations and drive efficiency. Suppling intelligence on operations and driving smart continuous improvement.

Reduce Risk:

  • Centrally stored digital forms are backed up as part of standard practice, reducing of the risk of data loss.
  • Simple to establish time, date and version control of submitted forms.

Scale and Grow: 

  • Template editor function enables authorised users to create and revise complex forms, responding rapidly to the dynamic needs of the business.
  • All software is built in house and JetSoft works with you to configure and customise DigiOps to deliver maximum benefit.
  • DigiOps is designed to be customisable and extensible to expand with your business’

How it works

  1. Digital versions of forms or work items are created by the administrator
  2. Jobs are created from a group of these work items
  3. Work items are then available to be completed by users
  4. Limitations on who can completed forms as well as other restrictions can be set. For example inspection reports can only be created if the correct calibration and certification requirements are met
  5. Forms can be a compilation of, or a wrapper for, other documents. This is because forms can have an upload requirement
  6. Forms can have an expiry date, which is easily viewed and registered users can be informed as that date approaches
  7. Once documents are completed there are stored in a central database, which is easily and automatically backed up
  8. Completed forms are easy to find and view, and can downloaded to .pdf or .word formats, to meet existing procedural requirements
  9. Job progression can be monitored throughout and data can be easily found and recalled at any time
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