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Jesse Garant Metrology Center

Jesse Garant Metrology Center was founded in 2009 for the sole purpose of providing easy access to an emerging complex imaging technology

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United States

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Jesse Garant Metrology Center was founded in 2009 for the sole purpose of providing easy access to an emerging complex imaging technology. As an Engineer, Jesse Garant quickly identified the benefits as a failure investigation tool, the ability to qualify new products, and to aid manufactures who are trying to improve their product quality while reducing costs.

Over the years the company has grown an experienced team, built the right facilities, and puts forth quality CT Inspection & X-Ray Sorting services backed by industry certifications.

As each project is unique, a short technical feasibility assessment is performed each time to ensure the services provided are the right fit based upon the project objectives. Upon project completion, the company ensures that the inquiring individual and key decision makers can understand the results over a web conference which allows quick and qualified decisions to be made.

Products & Services
CT Scanning - Services

We help companies thoroughly investigate parts & assemblies with our high quality Industrial CT Scanning services paired with expert analytical support.



After the initial inquiry, our services begin by having an in-depth discussion with the inquiring individual and interested parties. If the fit is right for our industrial CT scanning services, the feasibility review considers part/assembly type, material, regions of interest, and the objective for the CT scan.



We then match the NDT or Metrology inspection need with one of our many and highly diverse industrial CT scanning imaging machines. Our industrial lab utilizes 100kv, 150kv, 225kv, 450kv, and 3MEV linear accelerator CT systems with LDA’s and flat panel detectors.



Depending on the Industrial CT Scanning project, we analyze the reconstructed (3D imaging) results for either material or geometry based output requirements.

Material reporting is based upon internal density variations or percent volume changes.  These types of Industrial CT Scanning analysis include : 

  • Visualizing virtual cross-sectional slices
  • Porosity / Inclusion Analysis  (Color coded voids, inclusions, and micro pores by volumetric size or percentage)
  • Enhanced Porosity (Automotive Industry Specific, P201 – 50097, P202 – 50098, P203 Analysis)
  • Fiber Analysis (Color coded fiber directional reporting)

Geometry reporting is based upon measurement variations or dimensioning requirements. These types of Industrial CT Scanning analysis include :

  • Part to CAD / Part Comparison (Color coded variations from nominal or another identical part. Alignment by: RPS, 3-2-1 alignment, best fit, sequential)
  • Wall Thickness Analysis (Color-coded results identifying insufficient or excessive wall thicknes)
  • First Article Inspection (Tolerancing based upon part print dimensions)
  • Enhanced FAI (AS9102 Form 3 Reporting)
  • Reverse Engineering (Generation of a STL file with internal & external part geometry)



As all Industrial CT Scanning projects are unique, each project is finalized between our lab and the customers key decision makers over a results web conference.  If required, output deliverables can vary between picture files, excel files, presentations, 3D imaging / CT dataset viewing software, or in some cases STL files.

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