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IRC Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

IRC’s Vision is to provide a one stop solution to the energy sector and develop trust and reliability of our quality services to our clients.

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IRC Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. Came into existence in the year 1995. After starting just as a Radiographic company, IRC engineering services has emerged as not just an NDT company but as a failure analysis consultant to various power generating unit. We are now also a reputed competent firm to carry out inspection on various storage vessels. Our management is comprising of vastly experienced personnel from NTPC and PDIL. With a work force of around 120 comprising of Doctorates ,more than 20 power plant engineers, ASNT NDT LEVEL III , and various NDT Level II holders , IRC Engineering services has carved a niche in the Indian Market. Not Just limiting us to the Power Sector ,we have now also ventured into providing services to Refineries and Fertiliser Units. Non Destructive Testing has been a core to our various services but now we have carried out certain jobs related to Annual Maintenance of Boiler and are looking forward to more opportunities in this segment.

An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, IRC has been authorized by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board to carry out Radiographic Exposures and accredited by Controller of Explosives as “Competent Person” and “Inspector” for the inter stage inspection of pressure vessels.

IRC, based on its hands on experience with the high pressure boilers has been recognized by the Central Boiler Board as “WELL KNOWN REMANENT LIFE ASSESSMENT ORGANIZATION “(RLA). Its in house integrated testing facilities are also approved as “WELL KNOWN MATERIAL TESTING LABORATORY” by Central Boiler Board, under IBR-1950 , and “NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD FOR LABORATORIES (ISO -17025” . IRC’s Laboratory is frequently visited by many Third Party surveyors from reputed agencies such as EIL, BVIS, TUV, PDIL, IRS, NTPC,BHEL, QUEST etc..

In pursuance of commitment to quality and value added services ,IRC has been already accredited by Chief Controller of Explosives, Central Boiler Board and Atomic Energy Regulatory Board in the respective field of inspection of Horton Spheres & Bullets, Remnant Life Assessment (RLA) of Boilers and Radiographic Exposure

Recognized as “ Well Known Remanent Life Assessment organization” under Indian Boiler Regulation-1950 by Central Boiler Board..

Recognized as “Material Testing Laboratory” under Indian boiler Regulation-1950.

Products & Services
Chemical Cleaning of Boiler, Heat Exchanger, and Pipelines

IRC is carrying out Chemical Cleaning services by the name of its sister concern company RA CHEMTECH PVT. LTD. Till date we have carried out cleaning for units upto 660 MW capacity . We have carried out cleaning of boilers using Citric Acid, HCL and EDTA as major chemicals. In case of Condensers we have used majorly Sulphamic acid as a cleaning agent, and have got Repeat Orders from clients like NTPC,RVUNL etc.. We have carried out Acid Pickling and cleaning of Pipings.

At Present ,RAC has procured lot of material such as pump, motor ,pipings, valves and tanks to make cleaning activity successful. We can carry out a minimum of 3 Chemical Cleaningsof Boiler and 2 Chemical Cleaning of Condensers at a time. Our pump and motors have been procured recently so issues like wear and tear at site donot take place. Also, we are regularly getting the maintainance done for our Pump and Motor after each site to maintain the reliability of our equipments.

Our main motto is to be able to make our client equipment deposit free. To achieve it we are fully committed to provide a safe, leakage free cleaning process.

Boiler and Turbine Maintenance

IRC Engineering due to its Power Plant expertise has now also entered into Boiler and Turbine Maintenance Services. IRC has been accredited by Uttar Pradesh Boiler Board as a special class repairer of Boiler and now can carry out jobs for EPC and Maintenance of Super –Critical Boilers.

We have approved IBR welders , welding machines and various other equipments required for these maintenance activities. We have carried out these jobs for Boilers in Gail Pata, IFFCO Aonla and TATA Chemicals, Babrala. These jobs included Erection of Scaffolding material, Removal and fixing of Insulation, Tube Cutting and Welding and the job was completed after successful completion of Hydrotest.

IRC has people retired from NTPC who have carried out such services under their supervision and knows the importance of timely deliverance of our activities. We shall be happy to assist you if there are any queries.

Third Party Inspection

IRC Engineering is recognised for carrying out Statutory Inspection of Pressure Vessels (Bullets, Mounded Bullets, Horton spheres etc.) under SMPV rule 18,19 & 33 :-

The chief controller of Explosive Nagpur has accorded and approved competent persons of M/s IRC Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. for testing, inspection & certification of storage vessels covered under explosive acts.

1.  SMPV rule 18 :- Fixture of safety valves (SRV) in storage vessels for LPG, Profane ammonia etc and certification there of. The SRV are fitted on storage vessels or mounted on vehicles.

2. SMPV- rule 19:- Certificate of periodic Hydro testing of compressed gas vessels under rule 19 of SMPV rules 1981 and results of following tests ;

  • Vessel & fitting details
  • Fire Protection & Fire extinguishers
  • Pipe lines & fittings
  • Electrical fittings
  • Pumps .
  • Painting
  • Foundation

3. SMPV-rule 33:- Certification of safety under rule 33 for storage of compressed gas installations.The certificate under rule 33 issued after inspecting the installations in respect of the following

  • Vessel & fitting details
  • Fire Protection & Fire extinguishers
  • Pipe lines & fittings
  • Electrical fittings
  • Pumps .
  • Painting
  • Foundation

4. Third Party Inspection (TPI) :- IRC Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an approved third party inspection (TPI) agency for in- stage inspection and certification of Storage Pressure Vessels , Piping , Heat Exchangers and Reactors during fabrication , welding , installation and hydraulic testing of the equipments .

IRC Engineering has carried out various inspections on the below Tanks across the country. In a number of occasions we have acted as a Third Party Inspector to even NDT Techniques. We have also carried out Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection during Settlement, Calibration and Hydrotest. IRC acts as certifying authority for these Pressure Vessels.


IRC Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. has a wide experience in the Non- Destructive Inspection of Bullets. Its team of experts & engineers carry out quality testing of the storage vessel. During the testing of these storage vessels safety of technicians and labors is a major concern is well to be taken care of, IRC is regularly carrying out safety drill for its employees working in field.

As name suggests, it is similar to Bullet in shape but bigger in sizes. It is used for storage of Bulk LPG gas for further filling of LPG cylinders for domestic use. The Bullets of different capacity are after used by IOCL, BPCL, HPCL refineries & other agencies.

Mounded Bullets

IRC Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. has a huge experience in the Non- Destructive Inspection of Mounded Bullets. IRC has a team of experts & engineers are regularly deputed to carry out inspection and testing of storage vessels. During the testing of these storage vessels safety of technicians and labors is always cared for .For that purpose , safety drills for concerned team members IRC is regularly carrying out safety drills for concerned team members are regularly conducted .

The mounded storage of LPG is considered to be safer compared to above ground storage vessels. It provides intrinsically passive and safe environment and eliminates the possibility of Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion (BLEVE). Horizontal pressure vessels are commonly used for storage or transportation of infallible gases by rail/road.

Horton Sphere

IRC Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. Is also approved to carry out inspection of Horton Sphere, as a third party agent which includes all the relevant non-destructive tests, hydraulic Test, setting of safety valves and post inspection protective painting .The capacity of spheres that we serve varies from 600 to 1500 Mt.