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We’re the trusted source for industrial radiography & NDT equipment in Canada. Not only do we supply the top NDT products&brands,we perform our own non-destructive testing research



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We’re the trusted source for industrial radiography and NDT equipment in Canada. Not only do we supply the top NDT products and brands, we perform our own non-destructive testing research and offer clients NDT training and education, maintenance and repair, and equipment calibrations – with detailed records and reports kept on file.

We frequently act as development consultants to make sure leading companies create products that can perform under Canada’s varying climates. We’ve contributed to the build of some great products, including the Carestream Health HPX-PRO weld quality CR system.

IR leverages both outside partners and internal capabilities to bring the most comprehensive and high-quality NDT equipment to customers. Our own R & D department manufactures Exposure, our in-house line.

From exposure devices to collimators to the latest technology in personal dosimeters; along with fluorescent magnetic particle and film viewers, we have it all.

Products & Services

IR Supplies and Services is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of ultrasonic equipment to the NDT industry, and we are only getting stronger. Our knowledgeable business development team is here to support you with your needs from first purchase to servicing over the years. We offer products from some of the industry’s top of the line brands. We also help you with the servicing of your equipment – most of it right here in Canada – which means the turnaround time is quicker than other service options.

Thickness GaugesFlaw DetectorsPhased Array
Calibration BlocksReference StandardsRail Scan Systems

To find out how we can help you with your ultrasonic needs, drop by our showroom or contact us to arrange a meeting.

Also, our extensive line of SciAps products include new, hand-held analyzer solutions that would enhance many ultrasonic testing jobs. Find out more

Sonatest WAVE Interactive Flaw Detector

The Sonatest WAVE interactive flaw detector enables you to tailor the settings on your UT device and alter it to your own process.  All the useful parameters are pre-set and available in less than two clicks. The customisable interface also optimises the daily workflow, and a unique and embedded interactive scan plan, with ray-tracing capability and simulation tools, consolidates your results.  Its Wi-Fi capability allows you to access it anywhere in the field, eases data transfer, application installation, and manages calibration date and software version.

Contact us for pricing and to find out more.


SciAps, is one of our fastest growing brands for NDT-PMI and there is a very good reason why. The X and Z X-ray and laser alloy analyzers have revolutionized the world of NDT and PMI with their size, speed, connectivity, test data management and reporting, range of testing applications, and in the case of the Z, carbon testing capability. IR offers SciAps products and support to clients across Canada.

SciAps Z-902-C Analyzer

The SciAps Z-902C is a dedicated NDT/PMI analyzer for carbon content and a wide range of alloys and alloy bases. It features 2 spectrometers (instead of one in the 901) to extend the spectral range down to 190 nm with high resolution, specifically to measure carbon content in steels, stainless and other alloys.

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