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Intech NDE

Intech Nde mission is to position ourselves as the "first choice" partner for any company implementing or expanding an inspection program.



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Since 1986 INTECH NDE, a privately held company with offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Richmond, British Columbia, has built a reputation for meeting our customer's needs by developing successful alliances with the world's top quality-conscious manufacturers of inspection and NDE products.

Our mission is to position ourselves as the "first choice" partner for any company implementing or expanding an inspection program.

Our goal is to contribute to our Industry through our collective skills and knowledge and to commit to the success of our customers while, at the same time, enhancing our company, our employees and our community.

Our promise is to provide our customers with dependable service and technical expertise, from initial order through delivery and follow-up service or training.  We maintain the highest integrity in our recommendations to our customers, always making their needs our highest priority. 

Products & Services
Rentals - Dolphicam


Dolphitech’s flagship ultrasonic technology platform, dolphicam2, is the result of more than 10 years of dedicated research into ultrasonics and represents the leading standard for volumetric NDT. The dolphicam2 is capable of high resolution imaging and precise measurements for a wide range of material types including composites, metals and multi materials. With a straightforward, quick to deploy, user-friendly system, technicians of all experience levels can generate analysis-ready images of materials in real time for quick decision making.

Eddy Current - Maxwell PECT

The MAXWELL PECT instrument is designed for the inspection of carbon steel and low-alloyed steels, which are magnetic. For magnetic test specimens, the eddy currents are concentrated on the surface directly after the magnetic pulse. Subsequently, the eddy currents diffuse into the test specimen, until the backwall is “found”. This results in a characteristic shape A-scan: a straight line, corresponding to the diffusion of the eddy currents, followed by a curved section when the backwall is sensed.

If you are interested in knowing more about what the MAXWELL PECT can do for you and your team, please contact us at 888 576 7756.

Everest Mentor Flex VideoProbe™

With mounting demand to get inspections done quicker and cheaper, without compromising the accuracy of the results, most equipment can’t withstand the pressure. Combining portability with military-grade durability, the Everest Mentor Flex answers the call with the features you always wished you’d had for the tasks that demand it — all to help you make smart decisions, fast.

An industrial, versatile video borescope, designed for ease of use in any environment, the Everest Mentor Flex features:

A Wide XGA touchscreen display with improved brightness and viewing angles lets you see more, so you can increase the probability of detection.

Intuitive user interface and Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) speed up the workflow with digital tools for auto image tagging and report generation, so inspectors can consistently deliver results with confidence.

Advanced mechanical design enables increased articulation range and extended life to ensure thorough inspections of the entire asset in less time.

Wireless video streaming and data transfer to iOS devices powered by InspectionWorks.

Stereo and comparison measurement interface for accurate and precise defect assessment.

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