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Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG

The name FOERSTER has stood for the highest quality and precision since 1948. We develop and produce devices



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The name FOERSTER has stood for the highest quality and precision since 1948. We develop and produce devices and systems for non-destructive testing of metallic materials, metal detection and magnetics.

As a technology leader, we make surface defects visible with electromagnetic test methods such as eddy current or leakage flux testing, but also with ultrasound and inductive heat flow thermography. With highly sensitive fluxgate magnetometers, our detection devices also precisely localize contaminated sites, UXO and archaeological artefacts. Devices for determining magnetic properties and for testing the hardness of metallic components complete our comprehensive portfolio.

In addition to the development of individual devices, our expertise lies in the implementation of complete, customer-specific test lines and their automation. With our business solutions, we also offer you extensive services. We see ourselves as a partner for the entire product life cycle: from development to design and production to service and training.

With a qualified sales and service network, we are active for you in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Products & Services
service portfolio

Available for you worldwide and at any time

FOERSTER testing and measuring systems are an integral part of your production processes. For this reason, we have tailored our service portfolio to your needs.

Because your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our service begins with the planning and the feasibility testing of your requirements by our qualified application engineers. We then support you with the professional installation and commissioning of new devices and systems, as well as with regular maintenance, the replacement of wearing parts, software updates if necessary and the calibration of the devices.

User and service training courses individually tailored to your needs are also part of our concept, as is direct contact via our service hotline. You can reach them at any time – 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. Our service engineers take care of error analysis, rapid availability of spare parts and repairs - both on site and in our service centers.

Even for devices that have been out of production for more than 10 years, we continue to carry out repairs as long as spare parts are available. We also maintain calibration and maintenance for as long as possible. The exact services can be found in the attached list. We would also be happy to advise you on possible product alternatives.

Services for older devices

In our download area you will also find a precise service overview of products from the areas of detection and magnetics.


We ensure the quality of your test and measurement results

Calibration means comparing with a known quantity. We can traceably calibrate the parameters coercivity, magnetic flux density and permeability. Regular recalibration of your systems and devices is important to demonstrate the high quality of your test and measurement results.

Our factory calibration service includes checking your FOERSTER systems or devices for proper function and compliance with the performance parameters. In this way, we ensure that the high quality of your products is maintained throughout. In the event of a repair, this will be carried out directly - as far as possible. If this is not possible, you will receive an additional cost estimate.

service & Maintenance

An investment that pays off

The uninterrupted availability of the test systems is an important factor for every customer. An important prerequisite for minimizing downtimes - and maintaining production - is regular inspection and maintenance of the devices and systems. It serves to prevent production downtime and thus increases system availability.


To determine and assess the current condition of your system, we offer you regular inspections in order to identify possible signs of wear at an early stage and to initiate countermeasures. This ensures long-term system availability and keeps the number of wear-related failures as low as possible.


Regular and qualified maintenance increases the service life of your systems. Observe the specified maintenance cycles and, if necessary, schedule a more extensive inspection and maintenance of your system by us in good time. If you wish, we can send a service engineer directly to you.

remote maintenance

Test systems used in production can cause a production downtime if they fail. In order to keep these downtimes as short as possible, we offer a remote service for quick error analysis. This enables problem clarifications and solutions, as far as software installation or configuration issues are concerned, without the need for a cost-intensive service trip. Software updates can also be installed via remote maintenance. For the integration of purchased software options, a service engineer on site is usually no longer required. Clarifying the defect in advance also enables us to arrive directly with the required spare part, thus saving time and money.


In the event of a repair, our global service engineers are available to you quickly at any time. For repairs, you can either send your FOERSTER devices to our subsidiaries and qualified agencies or directly to our headquarters in Reutlingen. A precise description of the problem helps us and saves you time and money.


Optimum use of your FOERSTER test systems from day one

Our experienced service engineers commission your test devices and highly complex multi-test blocks worldwide. This also includes individual adaptation and optimization to your testing task. We offer customer-specific software solutions that can also include data from third-party devices. This means that all test information comes together at one point. This makes it easier for you to analyze, document and archive the data.

During commissioning, your employees will be instructed in the operation and handling of your FOERSTER devices and systems in the direct production environment. On request, we can also conduct operator training directly at your site. This enables you to use your FOERSTER test system optimally from day one. Because we know: Qualified staff is the key to high productivity - the best prerequisite for products of the highest quality. Our cooperation really begins with commissioning, because we are there for you throughout the entire service life of your FOERSTER test systems.

service packages

Top performance for your testing process

Would you like to ensure maximum performance for your testing process with MAGNATEST D and STATOGRAPH?

Get to know our modular service products. With our service products, you maintain long-term value retention, fast response times at fixed prices and targeted product training.

Get the security you want for your testing processes.

Depending on your needs:

  • Unlimited remote support
  • Free loan devices
  • Express delivery
  • Time-guaranteed service deployment
  • Device training
  • Discount on travel expenses

An individual calibration and service offer is available from or by telephone on +49 7121 1099-0.

Flyer: Our service packages

Services for customers of SONODUR products

We offer services, recalibrations and repairs to our SONODUR UCI hardness measuring devices, Leeb sensors and hardness measuring probes.

Furthermore, we also offer services and repairs on request for devices from other manufacturers such as MicroDur (MIC1, MIC2, MIC10, MIC20) - formerly Krautkramer (GE Inspection Technologies).


Turn key specialist

Non-destructive testing - automated and from a single source.

In addition to individual measuring and testing systems, FOERSTER offers complete multi-testing lines that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of specialists from the various departments will get an idea of ​​what's going on at your site and work with you to plan the ideal test line for your task. In addition to the proven testing systems from FOERSTER, complementary technologies from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the line on request.

In the next step, our internal design department uses CAD drawings to visualize the plans that have been drawn up for your new test track. In addition, our experienced specialists develop and program the necessary software and interfaces for the automation of the test line. The FOERSTER instrumentation software allows a central setting procedure for the various test systems - also from third-party manufacturers - as well as a common display and logging of the test results.

This is followed by the construction of the multi-test line and the delivery of your turnkey system. So that you can use your test system to the full from day one, we offer training courses for your employees either on site or at our company. Our global service network with highly qualified service engineers will not leave you out in the rain even after commissioning. Regular inspections and maintenance are just as important as around-the-clock service and technical support. This means that you have one contact person for all your questions and suggestions for the entire product life cycle of your system: FOERSTER.

10 good reasons for FOERSTER

An investment in a test track or test facility always requires careful consideration. For this project you need an experienced partner at your side. That's why you're in exactly the right place at FOERSTER. Because you can trust us and our many years of experience.

  1. Perfectly integrated
  2. Made in Germany
  3. Premium is trumps
  4. We are familiar with interfaces
  6. Long service life
  7. Our devices speak one language
  8. Uniform and intuitive operation
  9. We look for solutions
  10. Future-proof investment

instrumentation software

The FOERSTER software for the entire test track

Complex test tracks consist of different test devices. Each of these uses different non-destructive methods to find different types of defects. As a rule, this also means several software interfaces for operating the devices. With the instrumentation software from FOERSTER, you can operate all devices from one interface and make the settings centrally. This means that all devices on your test track speak the same language.

Your advantages:

  • Central order and setting management over the entire test track
  • Integration of third-party devices from other manufacturers possible
  • Collection of all test results for combinatorial statistics
  • Common test report for all devices
  • Integration into higher-level systems (level 2/3) possible

Would you like to learn more about our instrumentation software? Then simply contact our sales department via

Automation at FOERSTER

application example

Multi testing systems for pipe testing

In 2015, FOERSTER designed and produced the largest, heaviest and most complex test block in the company's history. The system was developed for tube testing in a steel mill in the USA. The entire test block weighed a total of 32 t. This corresponds to about 5 adult African elephants. In order to be able to load it, a new crane system had to be invested in.

The system tests hot-rolled seamless tubes for a wide variety of fault types using non-destructive testing methods such as leakage flux, eddy current and ultrasound. The high-precision centric test track consists of the complete test mechanics, with drivers and tables as well as the extensive test technology. The test systems DEFECTOMAT, ROTOMAT/TRANSOMAT, MAGNATEST and CIRCOSON WT were integrated into the system. The instrumentation software, developed by FOERSTER, also enables the software integration of all test devices in one interface. The data created can be forwarded directly due to the network connection.

The tubes that can be used for power generation, oil and gas production as well as the chemical and petrochemical industry must have perfect material properties. With the help of the customer-specific solution from FOERSTER, a multifunctional test block was created that ensures that geometric properties such as e.g. B. the wall thickness and the outer diameter of the pipes correspond exactly to the specifications and any surface defects can be reliably detected.

Finding the right solution for every test task is both a challenge and an incentive for our employees. Because for us at FOERSTER, the satisfaction of our customers comes first.

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