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Inspection Tech Ltd

A UK manufacturer of a wide range of NDT equipment that serves several industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, power generation and others


United Kingdom

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We supply both traditional and  novel NDT solutions. For example : - 

  • For  FPI we supply overhead strip lights and handheld lamps , which via the use of  embedded micro processing,    provides  products  that outperform anything else currently on the market in terms of efficiency, output power  , battery life  etc
  • A patented machine vision system (The ML-3000) that performs  fully-automated  high-speed FPI inspection that detects  every indication on millions of parts to a sizing accuracy of  50 microns.
  • An ATEX Zone 0  system that can detect and monitor the progression  CUI 24/7  without having to remove outer cladding or insulation.     
  • Non-contact, non-ionising  devices , that can detect voids and cavities behind solid surfaces,  perform inline /end of line inspection of composites and even offer an alternative to x-rays for the detection  and imaging  of non-metallic,, low density parts.

Other offerings are secure cloud-based data repositories for continuous condition monitoring and bespoke commissions for hardware  design (and  associated software) for a broad range of equipment such as UT, PEC, flow-meters etc. 

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UK -Based NDT Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier

A  UK- based manufacturer of  NDT equipment for multiple industrial sectors and disciplines. 

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