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Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd

Established in 1998, IACS is a leading, privately owned, independent consultancy that specialises in the provision of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)


United Kingdom

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Established in 1998, IACS is a leading, privately owned, independent consultancy that specializes in the provision of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) examination services, bespoke project management, testing and auditing services, and expert personnel sourcing and provision.

IACS works closely with a substantial and diversified on and offshore client base, working in the gas, oil, petrochemical, and energy industries. IACS offers the same level of enthusiasm, integrity, expertise, and speedy response to projects of any size and budget, from single site to transglobal, and one-off projects to relationships that last many years.

Remaining proudly independent, IACS’s Executive Directors continue the family-centric company’s commitment to forming unique, client-centered partnerships, never ‘one size fits all. Being free of ties to manufacturing and contracting interests ensures our freedom and flexibility to go above and beyond in sourcing precisely the right services, solutions, personnel, and innovative technology for each project.

While IACS has increased in size, reputation, expertise, innovation, and environmental awareness, IACS’s commitment to quality and customer-centric ethos means IACS continues to offer refreshingly personal, bureaucracy-free services. Good relationships with clients, vendors, employees, and contractors form the core of our business, and we are proud to regularly provide expert services to many respected competitors too.

Committed to the highest standards and continued improvement, IACS continually analyzes its performance. IACS offers opportunities, to run accredited training courses for their in-house teams and client companies.

IACS is proud to operate Quality and Environmental management systems certified by SGS to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and hold Achilles Category B2 accreditation at 100% across all measures.

Products & Services
Independent Auditing Services

Reliable, Independent, Transparent Auditing

Independent auditing acts as a final precaution against mistakes in an industry where mistakes cannot be made.

IACS provides independent assessment, review, approval, and Level 3 NDT Consultancy services for all performance, quality, and productivity aspects of a project on your behalf. These services can be provided from pre-contract award surveys in the tender process to final inspections before mechanical completion.

IACS NDT auditing services ensure:

  • Compliance with industry codes, standards, and regulatory requirements
  • Quality Control in NDT techniques
  • Correct NDT techniques and test pieces in place
  • Adherence to correct NDT testing procedures
  • Verification of personnel NDT qualifications
  • Suitability and calibration of NDT equipment
  • Review of paperwork and documentation
  • Supplier audits conducted on your behalf
  • Real-time provision and visibility of all auditing data, results, reports, and requirements
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) is a type of NDT testing in which advanced systems use ultrasound to volumetrically test materials for defects, weaknesses, cracks, or other flaws.

PAUT enables a fast, qualitative inspection of new construction and in-service components without losing productive time clearing work areas of personnel or awaiting radiographic test results.

Building a strong reputation for accuracy and quality, IACS has been providing Phased Array services to some of the industry’s largest companies for over 15 years.

The speed, accuracy, and non-invasiveness of PAUT systems benefit a variety of industrial processes including inspection of welds, wall thickness measurements, corrosion testing, flaw detection, and rolling stock inspection.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a very popular Non-Destructive Testing process for detecting surface or sub-surface (up to 3mm deep) discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

MPI is used to inspect a variety of product forms including castings, forgings, and weldments. A relatively quick and cost-effective method of inspection, it can be conducted by one operative with lightweight equipment in most environments.

IACS uses PCN level 2 qualified personnel to undertake Magnetic Particle Inspection, with a high level of expertise built over many years providing this service to a wide range of clients worldwide.

Examples of industries that can benefit from using MPI to determine component fitness include structural steel, automotive, petrochemical, power generation, and aerospace industries. MPI is also used in underwater testing and inspection of items such as structures and submerged pipelines.

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