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INSERV NDE Solutions

INSERV NDE Solutions specializes in many Advanced NDE solutions. These include AUT, RTR, PAUT, TFM and ToFD.



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INSERV is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our client base ensuring a fast delivery of services while maintaining a high degree of quality, 

INSERV specializes in many Advanced NDE solutions. These include AUT, RTR, PAUT, TFM and ToFD. They focus primarily on the pipeline industry working on New Construction Pipelines, Compressor stations, Field Fabrication, Hot Tap and Sleeve fitting style inspections and Integrity programs. This allows them to focus on what they care about most, their clients. They also offer field surveillance auditing of new construction pipeline inspections, having intimate knowledge of DRT, AUT, CR/DR, PAUT, UT, RT, MT, PT and ToFD for a variety of different automated inspection systems.  

With over 50 years of combined experience in advanced NDE techniques, INSERV caters to a market of customers requiring solutions to In-service critical path inspections.  They utilize Phased Array, ToFD and TFM-FMC techniques to ensure code-compliant data that you can keep for the lifespan of the asset. 

Products & Services
Phased Array Inspections

We use the latest technology from industry leaders. Our primary inspection focus is Encoded Phased Array with supplemental TOFD. Using the latest PA system technology allows us to utilize TFM-FMC capabilities for more accurate sizing of indications. Multi-PA probe functions combined with our scanner systems allow us to produce a comprehensive weld file with high-quality scan data in the time frame needed to move the project forward.


The Total Focusing Method (TFM) is an ultrasonic array technique which is used to synthetically focus at every point of a region of interest.

  • Full Matrix Capture (FMC) is another way of collecting phased array data
  • This technique doesn’t require any knowledge of the piece to be inspected (nor shape, nor velocities)
  • Each element is just activated (shot) one by one
  • All the elements in reception are recorded and thus a Matrix of signals is stored to be processed
Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)

Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) is a reliable method of nondestructive ultrasonic testing (UT) used to look for flaws in welds. We combine this method with PAUT for a complete weld inspection or we can utilize just the TOFD for the most accurate crack sizing technique in the business.

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