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InnoTecUK is a dynamic and progressive research and innovation company specialising in the development


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InnoTecUK is a dynamic and progressive research and innovation company specialising in the development and commercialisation of novel robotic solutions to overcome complex industrial challenges.

Our extensive expertise, provision of Consultancy Services and industrial engagements allow us to develop high quality and high value technical Robotic and Automation solutions to address real world, market challenges in industries such as Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Offshore, Aerospace, Rail, among others.

We offer complementary expertise in advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for bespoke applications, working in close collaboration with leading industry and research organisations. Additional expertise includes data collection, software processing, hardware development, system development, system integration and theoretical modelling.

InnoTecUK has also successfully participated in a range of innovative, cross functional and collaborative European and national research projects. This has enabled InnoTecUK to build a team of in-house engineers with cutting edge research and commercial expertise in NDT, all from its facility here in Cambridge, the heart of innovation in the UK

We always welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you with dedicated technical solutions, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Products & Services
HUNTER – Advanced Magnetic Adhesion Inspection Crawler

Hunter is a modular remote access crawler designed for cost-effective NDT ultrasonic imaging of ferromagnetic structures such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes and ship hulls without the need for rope access; thus, eliminating potential risks associated with manual inspections specifically in hazardous or difficult to access terrains.

NDT Inspection Tasks:

  • Corrosion mapping. 
  • Thickness gauging/B-Scan.
  • Weld inspection and critical defect sizing.
  • Visual inspection.
VortexScanner – Advanced Vacuum Adhesion Inspection Crawler

VortexScanner is a light weight vacuum Adhesion Crawler, designed for cost-effective NDT inspection of various large non-magnetic surfaces in difficult to access and hazardous environments with ease.

It’s compact yet robust design makes it perfect for providing rapid deployment and on-site inspection, whilst increasing safety; eliminating human exposure to potentially hazardous environments by allowing for inspection from a safe and remote location.

Key Benefits:

Ease of use and deployment.

VortexScanner's weight (3 kg) makes it easy to be deployed and controlled by a single operator from any location with ease. With less than 15 minutes to attach/detach the inspection packages, VortexScanner guarantees a quick and seamless inspection.

Provides Auditable data

VortexScanner significantly improves the quality of data collected as it moves over inspection surfaces, providing auditable results with the elimination of human error. VortexScanner’s ability to continuously record NDT signals also ensures instant reporting of signals in real-time for data analysis by the operator.

Allows for frequent cost-effective inspection

Vortex Scanner provides a faster solution over manual inspection allowing increased inspection; significantly improving the probability of defect detection. VortexScanner’s unique advantage is its ability to conduct both statutory Inspection and Risk Based Inspection (RBI), guaranteeing cost savings for the asset owners.

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